Coaching for Life and Leadership

Spring 2012

The model of coaching presented in this issue is a designed alliance between a coach and a coachee, where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to the person being coached. A life coach believes that you have the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life and ministry, even if those answers appear to be vague, hidden, or buried inside.


  1. Introduction Coaching for Life and Leadership
  2. Biblical Foundations of Coaching
  3. SIDEBAR Jesus' Questions
  4. Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Church
  5. SIDEBAR Jesus Questions
  6. SIDEBAR Coaching Quickstart
  7. SIDEBAR Resources
  8. The Power of Coaching in the Local Church
  9. Christ-Centered Coaching
  10. SIDEBAR: Tri-Alogue Coaching
  11. SIDEBAR: Coaching questions that can help you experience these benefits
  12. The Art of Coaching
  13. SIDEBAR: What is Coaching
  14. SIDEBAR: Coaching Principles
  15. SIDEBAR Setting Up the Coaching Agreement Within the Church
  16. SIDEBAR: The Language of Coaching
  17. SIDEBAR: Core Coaching Skills
  18. Coaching From the Inside
  19. SIDEBAR Your Change Agenda
  20. SIDEBAR: Challenges and Benefits of Coaching from the Inside--Coaching From the
  21. Transformissional Coaching
  22. SIDEBAR: See Also
  23. SIDEBAR: Were You Born to Coach
  24. SIDEBAR: 50 Great Coaching Questions
  25. SIDEBAR: 50 Power Questions For Coaches and Their Clients
  26. Coaching Next-Generation Ministry Leaders
  27. Why Great Ministry Leaders Need a Coach
  28. SIDEBAR: Learning to Use a Coach
  29. The Coaching Journey
  30. Coaching Through Conflict
  31. By All Possible Means
  32. SIDEBAR: Lost People Located
  33. SIDEBAR: Equipping the Saints
  34. AG Coaching
  35. SIDEBAR: How to Create a Coaching Culture in Your District
  36. SIDEBAR: Coaching Bibliography
  37. The Word We Should Never Say in Church
  38. Five Mistakes Leaders Make With Their Teams and How to Avoid Them
  39. 80 Valiant Men
  40. If God Made the Universe, Who Made God?
  41. More Valuable Than Sparrows
  42. New Crib Rules Will Impact Most Churches
  43. We Have a High Needs Child
  44. Knowledge Problems and Necessary Virtues
  45. Coaching in the Bible
  46. Which Hat Should I Wear?
  47. How One District Is Bringing a Coaching Culture to Life
  48. The Cost of Nondiscipleship
  49. Transforming from Pastoral Counselor to Pastoral Coach
  50. SIDEBAR: Understanding the Difference Between Coaching and Counseling
  51. SIDEBAR: Setting Up the Coach Approach
  52. SIDEBAR Making Distinctions Between Coaching and Counseling