SIDEBAR: Tri-Alogue Coaching

The Third Person in the Coaching Conversation

by Jane Creswell

While a coach is also one who comes alongside, the Holy Spirit is the third person in a coaching conversation. He provides guidance to the coach and the person you’re coaching. I wrote this prayer to remind myself of the Holy Spirit’s role in coaching.

A Coach’s Prayer

Lord, thank You for calling me to be a coach.

  • Let Your unconditional love flow through me.
  • Spotlight my sins that encumber.
  • Mold me into a servant leader.

Before each coaching conversation, I pray:

  • For boldness to be Your ambassador.
  • For the ones I am coaching to listen to You.
  • For your direction, insights, and inspiration to take action.

During each coaching conversation, I pray:

  • For guidance from You on what to say and how to say it.
  • For wisdom to know when to turn the conversation into a time of prayer.
  • For peace when it is time to be silent and let You do the speaking.

And beyond each coaching conversation, I pray:

  • For You to calm the fears of the unknown.
  • For You to fill in the gaps of what was not said and what was really needed beneath the surface.
  • For boldness to take actions that go beyond what I know how to do and outcomes I know I can control
  • For followers of You, Lord, and not followers of the coach.
  • For Christian coaches and their global impact.
  • For coaches everywhere who are making the ground fertile for the gospel.

May You be glorified in all I say and do.

In Jesus’ name, Amen