SIDEBAR: Equipping the Saints

Faith coaching becomes a powerful approach in a congregation where pastors equip people to use a coaching approach. In this context, even a little training goes a long way. I have worked alongside some congregations who are using resources like our Faith Coaching book and The Faith Coaching Toolkit to equip volunteers in a variety of ways including:

  • Sunday School class/small group book study
  • Pastor and ministry staff study
  • Training evangelism and mission teams
  • One-day workshop introducing the coaching approach
  • Multiweek study to train internal coaches
  • Large-scale coaching ministry to train coaches, match coaches with PBCs, and provide ongoing training and mentoring of coaches

Seekers and new believers, who have been impacted by a coaching approach to evangelism, find a church infused with a coaching culture to be a welcoming place to nurture and grow in their new faith.