SIDEBAR: Challenges and Benefits of Coaching from the Inside--Coaching From the

Coaching from outside an organization is profitable and objective; however, coaching your staff and lay leadership require a new set of skills and ideas. Here are a few benefits and challenges:


  • Coaching in real time provides opportunity to celebrate accomplishments and make midcourse corrections quickly.
  • The relationship between the coach and the leader can be more relational, especially if the leader and coach are working side by side in a project or ministry.
  • Leaders see the coach make mistakes and observes how they apply their own ideas.
  • The coach has the ability to put on other hats, such as mentoring, to help leaders accomplish their goals.
  • The coach can offer the leader his earned influence to multiply the success of the ministry.
  • The coach often has resources more readily available.


  • The consequences are personal.
  • The mistakes are visible to the coach. If the coach has authority over the leader, this can be awkward at times.
  • The coach has to be able to let the leader fail to learn a lesson, but that failure often reflects on the coach as well.
  • Coaches are sometimes caught in the middle of defending a leader even when they agree with what others are saying.
  • The temptation to tell is greater than the skill of asking questions.
  • The lines between that of mentor and coach are often blurred.