The Modern Family and the Family of God

Winter 2014

Marriage. Children. Divorce. Remarriage. Blended families. Multicultural relationships. Gay marriage. Adoption. These are the comedic elements of Modern Family, ABC’s award-winning television show. They are also the elements — among many others — of the real modern family. The question the winter 2014 issue of Enrichment seeks to answer is this: How does the Church, which is the family of God, minister to the modern family?


  1. The Modern Family and the Family of God
  2. The State of Our Unions
  3. Adam, Eve, and the Gospel
  4. Learning to Network Like Jesus
  5. Holding Staff and Saints Accountable
  6. The Art of the Interruption
  7. Writing Thank You Notes
  8. Parables
  9. "It’s All Relative’’ and Other Such Absolute Statements
  10. Dementia and Caregiving
  11. How Can I Better Deal With Depression?
  12. Equipping and Supporting Families to Live Faith Together
  13. SIDEBAR: Education and Support for Family Living
  14. SIDEBAR: Service-Learning
  15. A Lighthouse of Love
  16. SIDEBAR: Getting Started
  17. 8 Habits of Christlike Marriages
  18. SIDBAR: Making Healthy Marriages a Core Value in Your Church
  19. Family Worship
  20. SIDEBAR: Your Church Can Equip Families
  21. Ministry to Families in the Wake of Divorce
  22. SIDEBAR: Meet the Needs of the Divorced
  23. Equipping Blended Families for Healthy Christian Living
  24. SIDEBAR: Key Steps to Stepfamily Success
  25. SIDEBAR: Stumbling Blocks of Couples Creating Stepfamilies
  26. The Other Face in the Picture
  27. SIDEBAR: Ministry to Single Fathers
  28. “Family-ing” Single Adults
  29. SIDEBAR: Single - and Happy
  30. Foster-Care Ministry Matters
  31. SIDEBAR: Compact
  32. Making Your Church Accessible
  33. SIDEBAR: Ability Tree
  34. Serve, Don’t Shout
  35. SIDEBAR: Ministry to Gay-Parented Families: a Checklist for Pastors and Leaders
  36. A Final Word
  37. Nine Steps to Pastors Finishing Well
  38. Parenting
  39. The Characteristics of Pentecostal Preaching, Part 2
  40. The Path of Humility
  41. Growing Disciples Organically