Compassion Ministry: Expessing the Heart of God

Winter 2012

Compassion ministry is more than handing out groceries and clothing, cleaning up your community, or working hand-in-hand with community organizations. Compassion ministry is loving people just as God through Christ loves them. As you read this issue of Enrichment, prayerfully consider ways you and your church can make a difference in your community through compassion ministry. Then take the necessary steps to make it happen.


  1. Compassion Ministry
  2. Compassionate Christ, Compassionate Church
  3. Hand Out or Hand Up
  4. SIDEBAR: Mentoring
  5. Mobilizing for Compassion
  6. SIDEBAR: Compassion Coalition Website--Mobilizing for Compassion
  7. SIDEBAR: Compassion Ministry Resources
  8. Are You a Partner or Competitor?
  9. SIDEBAR: Act Normal
  10. SIDEBAR: How To Choose Partnerships
  11. SIDEBAR: New Life Coaches
  12. The Practice of Mission
  13. Rural Compassion for the Harvest
  14. SIDEBAR: Resource List
  15. SIDEBAR: Rural Compassion
  16. Mercy Rising
  17. SIDEBAR United States Population by Race
  18. SIDEBAR: Official Assemblies of God Statement on Immigration
  19. SIDEBAR: Alien Invasion
  20. SIDEBAR: National Association of Evangelicals Immigration Resolution 2009
  21. Helping Families in Crisis
  22. SIDEBAR: See Also
  24. SIDEBAR Cherish Kids
  25. SIDEBAR: The Church's Response to the Cycle of Incarceration
  26. The HIV/AIDS Epidemic
  27. SIDEBAR: Keys to Effective Ministry
  28. SIDEBAR: Global AIDS Partnership
  29. Sex Trafficking
  30. SIDEBAR: Definition
  31. SIDEBAR: Practical Ways for the Church to Help Trafficking Victims
  32. SIDEBAR: Assemblies of God Ministries to Sex Trafficking
  33. SIDEBAR: Resources for Learning and Teaching About Sex Trafficking Awareness
  34. Praying for the Poor
  35. SIDEBAR: How To Pray for the Poor
  36. SIDEBAR: Praying for the Poor
  37. Caring for Yourself in Chaos
  38. What Every Person Wants
  39. Compassion Without Compromise
  40. Is Naturalism a Simpler Explanation Than Theism?
  41. The Promises and Perils of Personalized Medicine
  42. I Never Wanted to Be a Pastors Wife
  43. In Closing
  44. Breaking Bad News to Your Church
  45. Love, Forgiveness, And Powerful Acts Of Service
  46. The Pastor and the Multicultural Church
  47. How Do You Heal the Wounds You Cannot See?
  48. Emerging Engagement