SIDEBAR: Practical Ways for the Church to Help Trafficking Victims

  • Provide basic personal items and toiletries for rescued victims in a local shelter.
  • Have qualified members of the congregation provide language translation for foreign trafficking victims and authorities.
  • Offer volunteer medical and health personnel from the church to a clinic serving prostituted women and child victims of abuse.
  • Report signs of child sex abuse/exploitation or exploitation of minors to authorities.
  • Bring awareness of the trafficking issue in public schools to aid in prevention.
  • Initiate a meeting of community church leaders and interested people of faith to prayerfully consider how to collaborate for awareness, prevention, and intervention in your city.
  • Begin an outreach into an area of prostitution in your city or town, prayerfully building relationships and establishing the presence of Jesus there.
  • Work with local authorities to start an aftercare shelter for trafficking survivors.
  • Raids? Best left to law enforcement or agencies working with law enforcement. The church is most effective in doing what only the church can do … bringing hope and healing through Jesus Christ and life-changing ministry to victims.