SIDEBAR: Act Normal

“The normal Christian life is a life led and empowered by the Holy Spirit so believers can accomplish the work God has set before them,” states Scott Wilson, author of Act Normal. “As believers God has called us to be witnesses to His grace, to be agents of change in the lives of those around us, and to live in such a manner that we represent and honor Jesus Christ, the One who saved us.”

Act Normalis a 31-day journey through the Book of Acts. Each day’s reading introduces readers to what it means to live for God and be empowered by the Holy Spirit. Through the use of real-life examples, and the ability to express complex concepts in everyday language, Wilson helps readers gain a grasp of the story that runs through Acts, while at the same time providing practical suggestions for living a biblical life that honors God. Act Normal provides more than just an introduction to the basics of the Christian faith; it offers solid, biblical content that will help new believers better understand their faith and mature believers grow in their faith.