Small Church, Big Impact

The purpose of the spring 2013 issue of Enrichment is to provide contextually appropriate leadership advice for the pastors of smaller Assemblies of God churches. It does not assume that all pastors must lead their churches to numerical bigness. (In some communities — especially rural ones — numerically large churches are simply not possible.) Indeed, it rejects the assumption that numerical bigness is necessarily a sign of spiritual health. (Just as important, it rejects the opposite assumption that numerical bigness is a sign of spiritual compromise.) Rather, this issue assumes that some well-led, spiritually healthy churches will remain small, from a statistical point of view. What makes such churches distinct is not the size of their Sunday morning worship attendance, but the size of their impact on their communities. In other words, impact rather than size is the true marker of a well-led, spiritually healthy church — whether small or large. This issue of Enrichment therefore offers small-church pastors advice on how to lead their congregations for greater influence.


  1. Introduction Pastoring a Small Church With Your Head, Heart, and Hands
  2. Cultivating Faithfulness
  3. Interview Challenges and opportunities Facing Smaller Churches
  4. The Healthy Church
  5. SIDEBAR: Testimonies
  6. A Culture of Yes
  7. SIDEBAR: How Do I Know When I'm Stuck in a Culture of Can't
  8. SIDEBAR: How to Conquer a Culture of Can't
  9. The Start-Up Funnel
  10. SIDEBAR: Does the Funnel Approach Work for Existing Churches
  11. SIDEBAR: How the Funnel Works for New Churches. The Gateway Fellowship Story
  12. The Externally Focused Small Church
  13. SIDEBAR: Oswego Assembly of God Oswego, Kansas (pop. 1,800)
  14. SIDEBAR: Calvary Heritage Church West Hempstead, Long Island, New York
  15. Small Towns ... Big Possibilities
  16. PROFILE: Faith Assembly Develops Community-Wide Outreach
  17. Keys to Influencing Spiritual Transformation in Smaller Communities
  18. Welcome! Seven Diverse Churches, One Inviting Atmosphere
  19. PROFILE: All Tribes Christian Fellowship
  20. The Other 80 Percent
  21. SIDEBAR: What Is the Pareto Principle?
  22. No More Casualties
  23. SIDEBAR: City Reach Network Envisions 50 Church Plants in 10 Years
  24. Tent Making in the 21st Century
  25. SIDEBAR: Challenges in Bivocational Ministry
  26. Emotionally Healthy Pastoring
  27. Church Partnership
  28. PROFILE: Faith Tabernacle Reflecting Diversity in Ministry
  29. Fast and Furious … but Still Fresh
  30. I’m Hurt over our Church Split
  31. Since You Work on Sunday, When Is Your Sabbath?
  32. The Leader’s Best Friend
  33. Did New Testament Writers Misquote the Old Testament?
  34. Five Habits of a Kingdom Networker
  35. Blockbuster Sermons
  36. Abortion, Vaccine Production, and Moral Values
  37. Location of the Day of Pentecost
  38. A Final Word
  39. Encouragement
  40. A Few Feet From the Edge
  41. Memoir of a Pentecostal Minister
  42. Reaching for the Top
  43. Responding to Tithe Terrorists