SIDEBAR: Calvary Heritage Church West Hempstead, Long Island, New York

In 2002, Pastor Chris Delmadge planted Calvary Heritage Church as a daughter church of Christian Heritage Church, his church in Brooklyn. The church grew and plateaued at 30-35 regular attendees. In 2010, Chris attended Healthy Church Network’s Acts 2 Journey. After a weekend of vision casting and inspiration, Chris became a part of a yearlong cohort of like-minded church leaders who wanted more for their lives and ministries. And he wasn’t disappointed. “Leaders asked us tough questions about who we were as pastors and who we were as churches.” The result was a fresh vision, direction, and plan. Delmadge says, “We exploded in numbers, purpose, and vision and are now pushing 100 people each week. Our church has been transformed. But this was just our first transformation.”

The second transformation is the transformation of their community. “Our vision is ‘Loving God, touching lives, changing the world,’ so we are helping people inside our church understand how they can change their world outside the walls.” The church’s Christian school serves 280 students from multiple cultures and faith traditions. They host health fairs and working with Convoy of Hope, to meet the pressing needs of their neighbors. “Our natural tendency is to just want to be with people like ourselves, but New York is so diverse and people outside the church are searching for God. Salt does little good in the salt shaker. I tell our people that we need to spend less time inside these walls and more time outside these walls if we want to change our world.”