The Next 100 Years

Spring 2014

In April 2014, the Assemblies of God completes its 100th year of ministry and begins its 101st. God has blessed the Assembliesof God in the first century of its existence, granting fruitfulness to the faithfulness of its ministers and laypeople. From humble beginnings with 300 pioneers in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the Assemblies has grown to encompass approximately 66 million people in 252 countries, territories, and provinces. And for this, we thank God. Rather than cast a look backward at our first 100 years, we have decided in this issue of Enrichment to look forward to the next 100 years. How can we be faithful to the call God has given our Fellowship in the midst of new social and cultural realities? What must we do to experience new fruitfulness in ministry in a global culture that is very different from that of our Movement’s founders?


  1. Test Article Title
  2. Introduction Back to the Future
  3. The Next 100 Years
  4. Evangelism
  5. PROFILE: Visalia First Assembly of God Visalia, California / Mike Robertson, pastor
  6. Live | Dead
  7. SIDEBAR: Jodi Detrick Assemblies of God Minister North Bend, Washington
  8. Praying For Versus Praying Through
  9. PROFILE: New Hope Christian Fellowship Greeley, Colorado / Rigo Magaña, pastor
  10. The Order of Things
  11. PROFILE: Life in Deep Ellum Dallas, Texas / Joel and Rachel Triska, pastors
  12. Discipleship for the Other Six Days
  13. PROFILE: Newport Assembly of God Newport, Pennsylvania / Gary Bellis, pastor
  14. SIDEBAR: Whole Life Discipleship
  15. Open Hearts, Open Doors
  16. PROFILE: Christian Faith Center (North Campus) Nampa, Idaho / Jordan Hodges, campus pastor
  17. The Healthy Pentecostal Church
  18. PROFILE: Jesus Power AG Columbus, Ohio / Bismark Akomeah, pastor
  19. SIDEBAR: Did You Know?
  20. Roots & Wings
  21. PROFILE: River of Life Ministries Paris, Kentucky / Krista Hampton, pastor
  22. Establishing Roots and Wings
  23. Strange Fire, Strange Truth, Strange Love
  24. PROFILE: Lighthouse Worship Center Gloucester, Virginia / Ken Cramer, pastor
  25. Mount of Blessing
  26. Spirit Still Poured Out
  27. Your Mirror = His Message
  28. The Presence of Absence
  29. Passion Lost
  30. First-Century Galilee
  31. “The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number”?
  32. Neonatal Ethics
  33. Church Lock-ins
  34. My Pastoral Calling Is Fulfilling, Yet Challenging
  35. Final Word
  36. Pastoral Longevity and Church Growth
  37. The 15-Year Plan to Pick Your Successor
  38. Let’s Weep and Gnash Teeth Together
  39. Busyness Is Not a Spiritual Gift
  40. What Good Is Preaching? Vs. What Is Good Preaching?