Teach Us to Pray

Spring 2011

No amount of books, conferences, or online experts will prepare us to engage the spiritual challenges of North American culture if we have not immersed ourselves in prayer. If prayerlessness failed the nine, it won’t succeed for us. So, in this issue of Enrichment, we turn to the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9–13, Luke 11:2–4) for guidance. We cannot reverse the decline, arrest the plateau, and catalyze the growth of our churches unless God’s presence, purpose, and provision are the center of our efforts. God must build His church His way if we are to prevail against hell’s gates.


  1. A Better Way to Pray - Praying Like Jesus
  2. Interview The Power of a Praying Church
  3. Follow Me as I Follow Christ ... in Prayer
  4. Conversing with God
  5. Up There, Down Here, Among Us, In Me
  6. Our Daily Bread
  7. The Prayer That God Always Answers
  8. Choosing Forgiveness
  9. Lead Us Not Into Temptation
  10. The Testing of Your Faith
  11. The Spirit in the Prevailing Church
  12. The Lord's Prayer
  13. Israel
  14. Customer Service for the Saints
  15. Off the Script
  16. Does the Old Testament Endorse Slavery? An Overview
  17. Biotechnology
  18. SIDEBAR: Father in Heaven If-then Principles
  19. Knowing When To Leave a Ministry and How To Enter Another
  20. Joshua's Story
  21. The New Town Square Is in the Palm of Your Hand
  22. Why Should I Study the Old Testament?
  23. The Holy Spirit Versus "Another Gospel"