The Man Issue

Summer 2014

How you decide to unpack Jesus’ discipleship model in your ministry environment is, of course, entirely up to you as the pastor. With that in mind, we designed this issue of Enrichment not only to reignite a passion in you to reach men for Jesus and disciple them to be the champion believers for whom Christ died, but to offer you creative and empowering ideas to accomplish the task. We trust you will earnestly consider the contents of this issue as you continue working to create a church-wide strategy to reach men, young and old, for Christ.


  1. Introduction
  2. What Jesus Teaches Men about Money, Sex, and Power
  3. PROFILE: Ankle Tape and Tenderness
  4. Love Your Wife, As Christ Loved the Church
  5. SIDEBAR: When Sexual Sin Isn't Sexual
  6. PROFILE: Calling Men to Adventure
  7. Calling Dads Back to the Basics
  8. A Father's Blessing
  9. God's Word and Your Son
  10. SIDEBAR: God's Word and Your Daughter
  11. PROFILE: Growing Stonger Families
  12. Friendship
  13. SIDEBAR Dinner and Conversation QUESTIONS--Friendship
  14. SIDEBAR: A Badge and a Bible
  15. Why Men Hate Going to Church
  16. PROFILE: Welcome to Man land
  17. Fishers of Men
  18. SIDEBAR: Unintentional intentional VersusIntentional tentional Men’s Ministry
  19. SIDEBAR: Helping Unmarried Men
  20. SIDEBAR: What Young Boys and Fatherless Sons Need Most
  21. Mandestination
  22. PROFILE: Extreme Makeover
  23. Sons of Issachar
  24. PROFILE: No Man Left Behind
  25. SIDEBAR: 5 Cultural Challenges Men Need to Address
  26. What Pentecostal Women Want From Pentecostal Men
  27. PROFILE Growing the Church, One Man at a Time
  28. Decisive Leadership
  29. Wisdom's Checkpoints
  30. Beyond the Stairs
  31. SIDEBAR: Certify Your Church as Disability Friendly
  32. PROFILE: Horse-Riding Ministry Helps Kids Reach For The Stars
  33. Have You Become the Resentful Giver?
  34. Wanna Be Starting Somethin’?
  35. Networking as a Pastoral Priority
  36. John The Baptist
  37. Is Ethics Just Doing What I Want?
  38. Experimental Medicine
  39. Moving — Again!
  40. A Final Word
  41. Managing Conflict With Christlike Compassion and Wisdom
  42. Emotional Discipleship
  43. Life-Giving Friendship
  44. SIDEBAR: Drawing from Many Sources
  45. The Jesus Call
  46. The Signifi cance of the Coaching Conversation