Wisdom's Checkpoints

Seven Biblical Questions to Determine whether Your Leadership Choice is a Wise One

by Robert C. Crosby

(Based on James 3:13–18)

  1. Is it pure? If I do this, will I be compromising my integrity or character in any way? Can I do it with a clear conscience?
  2. Is it peace-loving? Will this decision strengthen my relationships or weaken them?
  3. Is it considerate? Am I thinking of others or just myself in this choice?
  4. Is it submissive? Would the godly leaders in my life approve of this decision?
  5. Is it full of mercy and good fruit? Does this decision reflect Christ and His grace to others?
  6. Is it impartial? Am I really being fair with the people this decision will affect?
  7. Is it sincere? Am I being true to God and to my convictions? Have I sought out the truth and built my decision upon it? Is this an integrity move?

Adapted from Decisions, Decisions by Robert C. Crosby. Originally published in Discipleship Journal.