Sex and the Church: The Conversations We Need to Have

Summer 2011

This issue of Enrichment — the topic of which the executive officers of the Assemblies of God specifically requested — seeks to fulfill a two-fold mission. It affirms the biblical standard of marriage and critiques deviations from it. It affirms fidelity and chastity, but offers guidance about how to experience restoration after sin. It critiques the pornification of our society that distorts people’s understanding and deforms their practice of sexuality.


  1. Human Sexuality in the Image of God
  2. The Sexually Healthy Pastor
  3. Marital Satisfaction and Premarital Sex and Cohabitation
  4. The Pornification of American Culture
  5. A Fence or an Ambulance
  6. SIDEBAR: Suggested Topics to Address
  7. Hooking Up vs. Holding Out
  8. SIDEBAR: Forbidden Fruit vs Not-So-Guilty Pleasures
  9. SIDEBAR: 12 Questions To Explore in Premarital Counseling
  10. SIDEBAR: Drawing Boundary Lines
  11. Sex and the Single Christian
  12. Restoring the Damaged
  13. SIDEBAR: More Keys To Healing the Sexually Broken--Restoring the Damaged
  14. Pornography Addiction in the Brain
  15. Love Thy Homosexual Neighbor
  16. Understanding and Responding to a Pro-Homosexual Interpretation of Scripture
  17. What Do You Do When ... ?
  18. SIDEBAR: Legal Answers for Sexual Issues in the Church
  19. Whose Image?
  20. Advancing Your Ministry by Retreating With Your Leadership Team
  21. Removing the "I" From Team
  22. Tear Down This Wall
  23. Does the Old Testament Endorse Slavery?
  24. Beyond Stem Cells
  25. Performing Religious Marriages
  26. Unrealistic Expectations
  27. Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding Creation
  28. Missional Small Groups
  29. Naked Surrender
  30. No Sex in the City
  31. No Stones
  32. Sex and the Soul
  33. SIDEBAR: Starting a Discussion on Sexuality in Your Church Staff
  34. The Rage Against God
  35. Uncensored: Dating, Friendship, and Sex
  36. Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands
  37. Marriage and Sexual Wholeness
  38. SIDEBAR: Getting Started on Sexual Theology
  39. Ten Tips For Maintaining Sexual Integrity
  40. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in Church History