No Stones

Women Redeemed From Sexual Addiction

by Debbie L Cherry

From a personal and compassionate perspective, Marnie Ferree tackles the extremely difficult and sensitive topic of women struggling with sexual addiction. Her self-disclosure, as well as the stories she includes from women she has worked with, opens the way for women struggling with sexual addictions to gain assurance that they are not alone in their sin, and knowledge that she is not judging or condemning them. The author is not throwing any stones as she works to instill the truth that hope and healing are available through a balance of biblical and psychological principles.

Parts one and two of the book focus on describing the problem of sexual addiction in women and explaining the underlying cause or root of that problem. Although well written and informative, these two sections do have a tendency to come across as a bit textbooky at times. The true gem in this book, however, is in part three where Ferree moves past the theories and explanations and gets to the heart of what every woman dealing with sexual addiction is looking for — the solution. This is where the book really came alive for me as Ferree presents clear and practical advice about how to go about the healing process. She does not sugarcoat any of these steps. She strongly states more than once that particular steps to healing are nonnegotiable regardless of how painful they may be.

In this book, any woman struggling with sexual addictions can find the answers to many of the questions she is too ashamed to ask. She will also find the hope that healing can be a reality for her.

Reviewed by Debbie L. Cherry, Ph.D., LCP, Eaglecrest Counseling Center, Springfield, Missouri.