Spiritual Warfare: Christ's Victory Over the World, the Flesh, and the Devil

Summer 2013

If you asked the biblical writers to choose what humanity’s greatest enemy is — the world, the flesh, or the devil — they would have answered, “All of the above.” Unjust systems, unholy desires, and the host of hell all are our enemy, not one or the other, and not one more than the other. In biblical terms, we go to war against them all. Understanding how that unholy troika works and how to defeat it is the theme of this issue of Enrichment. As you read these articles, we pray that you will lift up your voice and pray to the Lord — in the immortal words of Thomas Cranmer’s Book of Common Prayer: “from all the deceits of the world, the flesh and the devil, deliver us!” And then, get back in the battle.


  1. Introduction Spiritual Warfare
  2. The Armor of God
  3. Keep on Praying for All the Saints
  4. SIDEBAR: A Pattern for Intercessory Prayer
  5. Proclaiming Christ's Victory Over Unjust Social Structures/Practices
  6. SIDEBAR: Points of Intercession for Proclaiming Christs Victory and Kingdom Over Unjust Social Systems
  7. The Battle of Ideas Concepts and Thoughts
  8. Proclaiming Christ's Victory Over Sinful Personal Desires
  9. Beware of Satans Thorns
  10. SIDEBAR: More Enemy Strategies Aimed at Pastors
  11. Demonization and the Christian Life
  12. Worldviews and the Unseen World
  13. Interview Discerning Best Practices in Spiritual Warfare
  14. A Final Word
  15. Hand to the Plow
  16. SIDEBAR: Leading With Grace
  17. Hiring Family Members
  18. Improving Your Interest Rate
  19. SIDEBAR: Unquestionable Benefits of Asking Your Team Great Questions
  20. SIDEBAR: Unquestionable Benefits of Asking Your Children Great Questions
  21. High-Maintenance Boundaries
  22. Wax On … Wax Off
  23. Sticks and Stones and … Words can Hurt You
  24. Why You can’t Overlook social Media As a Ministry Tool
  25. One size Fits All?
  26. Atheism and the Burden of Proof
  27. Environmental Ethics
  28. Why I Believe God Still Heals
  29. Isolation
  30. Leading People Through Change Without Losing Them
  31. Organizational Change and Strategic Thinking
  32. Leading a Turnaround Church