SIDEBAR: Unquestionable Benefits of Asking Your Children Great Questions

by Robert C. Crosby

  • Asking great questions shows your child that you are genuinely interested in him/her.
  • Asking great questions cultivates your child’s own social skills by modeling.
  • Asking great questions allows you to examine just how much of your teaching is taking root within your child.
  • Asking great questions allows you as a parent to bring focus to your together time with your child, rather than wasting those moments.
  • Asking great questions greatly assists you as a parent in accurately discerning the real emotional and spiritual needs of your child.
  • Asking great questions cultivates intimacy between a parent and child.
  • Asking great questions brings your child’s dreams and desires closer to the surface for you to affirm and encourage.

(Adapted from Robert Crosby, Conversation Starters for Parent & Kids (Colorado Springs: Focus on the Family Publishing, 2007).