21st Century Challenges to the Gospel

Summer 2012

In the early 21st century, a variety of challenges to this simple, yet profound, gospel present themselves. This issue of Enrichment seeks to address some of the prominent ones. The list of challenges this issue addresses does not pretend to be either exhaustive or global. It focuses on largely theological challenges that North American Pentecostals often face. Elsewhere, our brothers and sisters face other challenges, both intellectual (e.g., animism, ancestor worship, pantheism) and practical (e.g., poverty, oppression). Given that our readers overwhelmingly minister in a North American context, however, we chose to narrow our list to their concerns, without thereby downplaying the concerns of others in different social contexts.


  1. 21st-Century Challenges to the Gospel
  2. Interview The Spiritual and Practical Importance of Sound Theology
  3. The Gospel According to John 3:16
  4. Is the Old Testament God Evil
  5. Is God's Love Limited to the Elect
  6. Is the Atonement Divine Child Abuse?
  7. Is Jesus Christ the Son of God?
  8. SIDEBAR: Essential Scriptural Integrity
  9. What's So Special About Jesus?
  10. Once Saved, Always Saved?
  11. Ultimate Liberation
  12. Is Hell Forever?
  13. SIDEBAR: Erasing Hell
  14. Love and Hell
  15. How Will They Hear?
  16. The Next Generation
  17. Is God Just a Psychological Crutch for the Weak?
  18. Bullet, Not Buckshot
  19. Has Your Wall Become a Fence?
  20. Improving the Part of Your Ministry You Cannot See or Hear
  21. Building Trust With Your Team
  22. Five Ways to Build a Professional Ministry Network
  23. Treating the Whole Person
  24. Lessons From the Penn State Scandal
  25. SIDEBAR: Are Ministers Mandatory Child-Abuse Reporters
  26. I Don't Feel Accepted at Church
  27. In Closing
  28. Who Do You Say I Am?
  29. Leadership Lessons for Clergy from U.S. Presidents
  30. Are You an Empowered, Empowering Leader?
  31. Preachers, Prepositions, and Pronouns
  32. Spiritual Peacebuilding
  33. From Enrichment Executive Editor George Paul Wood