Church and Law: Navigating the Legal Maze

Spring 2010

This issue of Enrichment journal addresses many of the legal matters important to the ministers and the church. Christian lawyers have shared their expertise from their respective areas. This is a valuable resource to help guide your church through the legal maze.


  1. It's the Law [and Grace]
  2. Rendering to Caesar What Is Caesar's
  3. Church Incorporation
  4. SIDEBAR Suggested IRS language for Articles of Incorporation
  5. To Copy or Not To Copy - That Is the Question
  6. SIDEBAR Getting Permission
  7. Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls of Conflict, Mediation, and Discipline in the Church
  8. SIDEBAR: The High Cost of Conflict Among Christians
  9. SIDEBAR PAUSE Principle
  10. SIDEBAR: Helpful Resource from Peacemaker Ministries
  11. Navigating the Sexual Minefield in Today's Culture
  12. SIDEBAR Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Sexual Misconduct?
  13. Combating Claims With Common Sense
  14. SIDEBAR: Resources
  15. SIDEBAR: Are You Prepared to Dismiss Someone?
  16. Insurance
  17. The Politics of Religion
  18. The First Amendment and Religious Liberty
  19. Strangers Among Us
  20. SIDEBAR: Finding a Reputable Immigration Lawyer
  21. Where Is My Lawyer When I Need Him?
  22. Estate Planning the Right Way
  23. SIDEBAR: What If You Are Named Executor?
  24. SIDEBAR: Pastoral Probate Pitfalls of How Encouraging People To Do Estate Planning Can Blow Up in Your Face
  25. SIDEBAR: Executor Checklist
  26. Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the Book of Acts
  27. Teaching on Spirit Baptism as a Separate Event After Salvation
  28. A Series on Defending Your Faith
  29. A New Road on Your Consensus Map
  30. Being Human
  31. Pastoral Confidentiality
  32. A Brief Overview Of Pentecostal Views on Origins
  33. Presenting a Loving, Credible Witness For Jesus
  34. Ministry
  35. Why Pentecostals Don't Preach Expository Sermons?