Unmarried America: Ministry Opportunities for Today's Church

Summer 2009

The purpose of this issue of Enrichment journal is to provide our churches and pastors with a clear focus of the needs of young and single adults as well as practical ideas and resources for beginning and sustaining effective ministries to them. Our desire is that ministers and churches will see the increasing number of young and single adults in their communities as an opportunity to reach these unique groups and assimilate them into their fellowship.


  1. Unmarried America
  2. The Hidden Mission Field
  3. What Twentysomethings Wish You Knew
  4. Bridging the Generations
  5. How to Win the Senior Pastor's Support for Your Singles Ministry
  6. Strengthening the Church Today and Building the Church for Tomorrow
  7. Invitation to a Journey
  8. Single Adults
  9. Divorce and Remarriage
  10. Salvation for the Single-Parent Family
  11. Life in the Blender
  12. Ministering to the Missing Generation
  13. Get Over the Numbers
  14. Single Does Not Mean Alone
  15. Communicating Spirit Baptism in Fresh New Ways
  16. "Innocence Lost"
  17. The Emotional Health Needs of Young Adults and Singles
  18. The Devil and Doctor Jones
  19. Basics and Beyond
  20. We Have an Altar (Hebrews 13:10)
  21. The Narrow Path to The Wide Room
  22. Why Is There A Hell?