When Ministry Hurts: Healing for the Wounded Leader

Spring 2009

Nearly every minister will have a painful, disheartening, and angering situation that will create doubt concerning the call of God on his life. These hurtful situations will tempt us to lose faith in God, the church, and in the people we have loved and served. This issue of Enrichment journal looks at the reality of these painful experiences and then explores the processes of hope, rekindled passion, and restoration of effective ministry in the lives of wounded ministers.


  1. The Journey from Suffering to Sufficient Grace
  2. When Your Character Is Under Fire
  3. Recovering From Emotional Abuse
  4. Broken Hearts, Shattered Trust
  5. Hurting Those We Serve
  6. The Minister and the Plague of Personal Insecurity
  7. Missing Your Sweet Spot and Other Avoidable Mistakes Ministry Leaders Make
  8. When Sheep Attack
  9. When Not To Swing Back
  10. Steps to Forgiveness
  11. Healthy Exit Strategies
  12. Beyond the Ashes - The Journey Back to Wholeness
  13. Sourdough, AK
  14. The Imminent Return of Christ
  15. Healing From the Pain of Sexual Assult
  16. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
  17. Letting a Staff Person Go
  18. Anorexia of the Soul
  19. Following Derailed Clergy
  20. Payday Someday
  21. The Moses-Joshua Succession From Joshua 1:1-18