The Way of Holiness

Fall 2011

The editors of Enrichment hope the articles in this issue on holiness will not only help you in your personal walk of holiness, but will also provide material you can use to help your people walk in holiness. “Without holiness no one will see the Lord” (Hebrews 12:14).


  1. Introduction God's Call For Holy Living
  2. "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty" (Isaiah 6:3)
  3. The Fulfilled Life
  4. Holiness and the Five Calls of God
  5. Holiness
  6. Defeating Pharisaism
  7. SIDEBAR: Pharisaical Attitudes and Actions
  8. Contagious Holiness Over Dinner?
  9. SIDEBAR Scum of the Earth Church
  10. Preaching Holiness
  11. In the Splendor of His Holiness
  12. It Adds Up
  13. Cultivating a Heart for Holiness
  14. Moving Beyond the Barriers
  15. SIDEBAR: What Every Pastor Needs
  16. Holiness in the City
  17. SIDEBAR: Psalm 12:5--Holiness in the City
  18. The Three Pillars of Jesus' Faith
  19. From Creation to Creativity
  20. Don't Shirk the Dirty Work
  21. He Sets the Lonely in Families (Psalm 68:6)
  22. Why Is the New Testament Silent on Slavery - or Is It?
  23. Bioethics by the Bedside
  24. Carrying Guns on Church Property
  25. I'm Feeling Spiritually Dry
  26. In Closing Sanctified and Called to Be Holy
  27. Authenticity FAIL
  28. The Art of Creating and Designing an Atmosphere for Congregants to Encounter and Respond to God
  29. The Trinity
  30. Did the Upper Room Have an iPod?
  31. Open the Gates, Open the Book, Open the Altars
  32. The Pastor
  33. Christian Reflections on the Leadership Challenge
  34. Putting Jesus in His Place
  35. Has Christianity Failed You?
  36. The Assemblies of God
  37. UNconditional?
  38. Jesus the Fool
  39. Managing The Millennials - Discover the Core Competencies for Managing Today - Workforce
  40. Against All Gods