Against All Gods

Whats Right, and Wrong About the New Atheism

PHILLIP E. JOHNSON, JOHN MARK REYNOLDS (InterVarsity, 119 pp., paperback)

Against All Gods is a great introduction to the new atheism for any student planning on attending a secular college. This book introduces many of the names and difficult topics of the new atheist movement. It reads easily and puts many of the concepts in terms people can understand.

The authors present some of the topics every student needs to consider before entering college: How will my faith mix with reason and education? How should I approach a Darwinian worldview that dominates secular education? What is the purpose of being educated? While learning new things in college, how should I consider my Bible — an ancient book — compared to the new textbooks I must read?

Pastors need to consider buying this book for every young person in their church who will start college in the fall. After a student has read it, the pastor could then meet with him or her to discuss the material. While the stated purpose of the authors is to fairly address modern atheists, pastors could use it to give a strong foundation to Christian students entering a secular college.

—Reviewed by Paul Scheperle, senior pastor, First Assembly of God, Washington, Missouri, and adjunct instructor of Humanities at Missouri Baptist University.