Your Daughters Will Prophesy: Assemblies of God Women in Ministry

Spring 2015

This issue of Enrichment promotes awareness of credentialed women ministers within the Assemblies of God (USA). The issue explores our history, searches the Scriptures, and evaluates our contemporary practice through the lens of our Pentecostal commitments. It further examines why women’s perspectives and voices on issues are important, and how male leaders can promote the value of credentialed women ministers across the Assemblies of God Fellowship.


  1. Women in Ministry
  2. The Best Is Yet to Come
  3. Your Daughters Will Prophesy
  4. What Paul Really Says About Women in Ministry
  5. SIDEBAR: Essential Resources Supporting Women in Credentialed Ministry
  6. Called and Chosen
  7. Boldness Without Bitterness
  8. SIDEBAR: On Addressing Temptation -- Without Resorting to Segregation
  9. PROFILE: Linda Seiler, Chi Alpha Campus Pastor
  10. Partnering for Ministry
  11. When Your Spouse Is Not a Minister
  12. PROFILE: Linda Adkins, Senior Pastor
  13. Mentoring
  14. SIDEBAR: Effective Mentoring Through Relational Connection
  15. Recommended Mentoring Resources
  16. PROFILE: Kelly Preston, Church Planter/Lead Pastor
  17. World-changers
  18. SIDEBAR: The Single Female Minister
  19. Great Was the Fall Thereof
  20. SIDEBAR: The Idolatry of Expectation
  21. Grasping at Growth
  22. SIDEBAR: Revitalization and Prayer
  23. How to Keep Your Staff Focused and Engaged
  24. The Skills to Become an Excellent Leader of the Smaller Congregation
  25. Taking the Shallowness Out of Your Preaching
  26. Networking For Pastors
  27. The Pharisees in the Book of Acts
  28. Why Are Christians Divided by Denominations?
  29. Honoring Elderly Loved Ones
  30. Women and Pornography
  31. Final Word
  32. EJ ONLINE: Ministry in Rural America
  33. SIDEBAR: Strategies for Rural Leadership
  34. Speaking in Tongues
  35. The Perfect Storm
  36. <br />
  37. Why Your Church Might Not Be as Good - or as Bad - as You Think
  38. Who's Your Supporting Cast This Week?
  39. SIDEBAR: Three Kinds of Stories