Preaching: Credibility, Clarity, and Connection in the Ministry of God's Word

Winter 2013

If preaching is God speaking to our churches and communities through us, then effective preaching happens when credible preachers deliver clear messages that make a connection with their audiences’ needs.


  1. Introduction Preaching
  2. The Preaching Life
  3. Spiritual Formation for Preachers
  4. The Man in the Back of the Room — and Other Issues Facing Women Preachers
  5. Why Should Anyone Listen to Me?
  6. SIDEBAR: Dos and Don'ts of Honest Transparency
  7. Let’s Be Honest
  8. SIDEBAR: 8 Rules for Building a Preaching Library
  9. Let the Spirit Guide Your Preaching
  10. Preaching by the Numbers
  11. SIDEBAR: Before You Crack Open the Commentaries--Preaching by the
  12. SIDEBAR: Making the Most of Your Study Time--Preaching by the
  13. Biblical Clarity and Cultural Relevance Through Topical Preaching
  14. Preaching That Actually Changes Lives
  15. SIDEBAR: Three Ways to Support Discipleship Preaching
  16. Exegeting Your Audience
  17. Telling Stories and Asking Questions
  18. We Preach Christ Crucified
  19. Church Life is All-Consuming
  20. The Circle of Safety
  21. Designing and Administering an Annual Performance Review in Your Ministry
  22. Let My People Go
  23. If God’s Creation Was “Very Good,” How Could Evil Arise?
  24. How to Maximize a Pastors’ Conference
  25. Nanotechnology
  26. Don’t Worry
  27. A Final Word
  28. Eleven Ways to Maximize Your Preaching Potential
  29. Is There not a Cause?
  30. The Pastor as a Change Agent
  31. Reaching With Our Preaching
  32. On the Importance of Theological Training in Youth Ministry