SIDEBAR: Conversation Starters--Breaking Down Faith

Brief answers to common questions can generate trust and fuel interest in digging deeper.

1. How did the universe originate? The weight of scientific evidence points to a big bang creation event approximately 14 billion years ago. Who or what caused the big bang? Support for supernatural creation comes not only from rigorously tested evidence and space-time theorems but also from numerous Bible passages that speak of this exquisitely designed event.

2. Can the universe’s apparent design be explained naturalistically? Yes, if one likes nearly impossible odds. A large and growing number of cosmic characteristics must be fine-tuned to yield a universe capable of supporting advanced life. For example: if the ratio of proton-to-electron mass were slightly different, life would be impossible.

3. Did life emerge from primordial soup? There’s no evidence for the soup; and, in fact, the conditions thought to exist at the beginning of earth’s history are now considered irrelevant. Mounting evidence indicates that the first life- forms were metabolically complex, which would be expected if a Creator is responsible for life. The question for evolutionists remains: How did life come from nonlife?

4. Was earth seeded with life from another planet? Since hope for life’s evolutionary emergence on earth has become bleak, efforts to locate life elsewhere have gained momentum. Some 700 confirmed planets outside the solar system have been discovered to date, and not one offers any hope for harboring life. Instead, what scientists learn is how rare earth appears.

5. Do humans and apes share a common ancestor? Such a conclusion seems plausible given the volume of studies making headlines in recent years. However, analysis of these discoveries consistently shows that the many new hominids found in the fossil record turn out to be evolutionary dead ends. Instead, the fossils, DNA analysis, and many cultural “big bangs” yield powerful evidence for the special creation of humans as described in the Bible.