SIDEBAR: The Interactive Guide to Church Finance

While church leaders are busy doing ministry, they often overlook financial best practices. However, churches with a strong financial foundation are better equipped to fulfill their purpose: ministry.

Enabling churches to build a strong financial foundation and equipping them for future challenges were the primary drivers for creating The Interactive Guide to Church Finance. This extensive eBook addresses common church finance topics, such as budgeting and accounting best practices, insurance basics, church policy making, ministry financing, fund raising, and building projects. The eBook also contains a comprehensive list of additional resources, including videos, templates, and articles. This material enables pastors to dig deeper into their specific areas of interest.

“We are passionate about resourcing churches with financial tools that will help their ministry thrive,” says Andy Whaley, senior vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships. “This eBook provides a compilation of financial best practices that pastors can use to establish a strong financial foundation for their ministry.”

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