SIDEBAR: Six Steps to Immediate Obedience

by Rod Loy

1. Prayer: “God, I’ll do what You tell me to do, I’ll give what You tell me to give, and I’ll go where You tell me to go. Even before you ask, my answer is, ‘Yes, Lord!’ I am listening, Lord…”

2. Read the daily passage. What is God saying to you through this passage of Scripture?

3. Is God telling you to obey Him in a specific way today? If so, how?

4. From yesterday (or the past week), what did you hear God tell you to do? How did you respond? How did you feel after you responded?

5. Have you experienced any resistance or misunderstanding of God’s directions during the past 24 hours? If so, describe it.

6. Pray: Ask God for humility to hear Him and courage to follow Him today.

— ROD LOY, North Little Rock, Arkansas