SIDEBAR: Questions for Compassionate Engagement

1. How does my view of compassion ministry compare or contrast with the Isaiah 59 view presented in this chapter?

2. When confronted with reports of violence, sexual abuse and injustice in my local community, what is my inner, private response? What is my public response?

3. What influences shape and define my response to injustice the most? How and why?

4. When our local church is confronted with reports of violence, sexual abuse, and injustice in our community, what is the response?

5. As we prayerfully look at our own situations, what is God asking us as individuals, as families, and as a church to do to stand up and bring God’s love and power to the darkest places in our world — to those who are enslaved in great darkness?

6. Prayerfully consider what might be the first steps that God would have you take in order to obey Him in courageous compassion. Finish the sentence, “I would do _________________, if only ____________________.” Using God’s Word for guidance, what is His response?