SIDEBAR: Were You Born to Coach

Read each statement and respond as objectively as possible.

Not quite true

Already true

1. I have been listening intently, asking pointed questions, and encouraging others as a preferred way of interacting with people all my life.

2. I always respond this way (see #1). It extends beyond work life. I often do it in addition to my current job, sometimes even instead of performing well in my current job.

3. I can see the benefit of and enjoy having structured conversations in order for others to take effective intentional action.

4. I am inclined to make fine distinctions in language to clarify meaning.

5. I naturally put my own agenda aside in deference to the person I am talking to.

6. I naturally see patterns in behavior that others do not see.

7. I recognize and can share trends that result in others being more effective.

8. I naturally value and prefer to invest in people and relationships rather than in equipment, tasks, or projects.

9. I have a keen awareness for underlying strengths, for what is not said, and for possibilities that are not yet realized.

10. I have a natural fascination for human interaction and am a student of human behavior. (This might include reading, seminars, etc., and is not limited to formal education or degrees.)

From 501 Building Blocks for Powerful Coaching, materialsdevelopedby Linda Miller, MCC and Jane Creswell, MCC for Coach Approach Ministries. Copyright 2010, all rights reserved. Used with permission.