Single Adults

Gifted and Giving

Some say single adults are the neediest group in the church. Four years after being hired as a single adult pastor, I disagree. Single Adult Ministry is a blessing to a church and pastoral staff. Some people in every ministry group make you work harder for your calling, but there is a great deal a church can do with a healthy Single Adult Ministry.

In the Bible, single men and women did mighty things for the Lord. Elijah, Daniel, Naomi, Hagar — a single mother — and Christ were single adults who impacted history.

Single adults have much to contribute. Our single adult ministry is called One Accord. I encourage our single adults to get involved in outreach, choir, childcare, volunteering in our church office, and other areas to use the gifts and talents God has given them. We have teachers, Life Group leaders, and department heads that are single adults. When they engage in ministry, they often see the needs of others in the church or in the community and begin new ministries.

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