Believing God for Greater Things

Fall 2013

The theme of the 55th General Council is Believe. In line with that theme, we asked the Executive Leadership Team of the Assemblies of God to share with you what they are believing God for. We asked them to share these things because they lead our Fellowship. But we also want their essays to spark a fire of faith in your own heart. It is not enough to follow the faith-filled dreams of your leaders. You must have faith in God or your life, your home, and your ministry. The founders of the Assemblies of God were audacious people. We need to be audacious people in our own generation. So, what are you believing God for?


  1. Introduction Believing God for Greater Things
  2. Believing God for Greater Things
  3. Believing God for Spirit-Empowerment
  4. Believing God for Jesus-Style Leaders
  5. SIDEBAR: A Commitment to Holistic Pentecostal Leadership
  6. Believing God for a Prophetically Relevant Church
  7. Believing God for Unreached People Groups
  8. SIDEBAR: Access - Shouldn't Everyone Have a Chance?
  9. SIDEBAR: The Gospel for Everyone
  10. Believing God for a Mobilized Church
  11. Pentecost
  12. Relentless
  13. Against the Wind
  14. Four Faces of a Leader
  15. The Jesus-Hearted Woman
  16. Discovering the Land of Jordan
  17. I’m Tired of Struggling Financially
  18. Do You Recognize Your Family?
  19. Using Social Media to Build Connections & Community
  20. Creative Sermon Change-Ups
  21. Reading Your Board’s Body Language
  22. Is It Wrong to Believe Without Evidence
  23. The Pilate Inscription from Caesarea
  24. Whole Genome Sequencing
  25. A Final Word
  26. Four Reasons Older Pastors Do Not Retire When They Need To
  27. The Characteristics of Pentecostal Preaching, Part 1
  28. Discipleship
  29. Loneliness and the Pastor
  30. Power in Your Mouth, Part 1