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Spring 2015

Current Theme

Your Daughters Will Prophesy: Assemblies of God Women in Ministry

On the Day of Pentecost, the apostle Peter quoted the prophet Joel, saying, “Your sons and daughters will prophesy” (Acts 2:17, cf. Joel 2:28). God's promise of an eschatological outpouring of the Holy Spirit has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit calls and empowers both men and women to exercise prophetic ministry in the last days.

Historically, the Assemblies of God has recognized that this Spirit-empowerment opens the doors of credentialed ministry to all qualified applicants, whether men or women. The rise of the so-called New Calvinism, which often teaches that credentialed ministry is open to men only, is causing many young men (and a few young women) to step back from our historic commitment to equality in ministry.

In light of this reality, the spring 2015 issue of Enrichment will examine the issue of Assemblies of God women in ministry under the theme, “Your daughters will prophesy.” The purpose of this issue is to promote the value of credentialed women ministers within the Assemblies of God (USA) by exploring our history, searching the Scriptures, and evaluating our contemporary practice through the lens of our Pentecostal commitments.


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Theme Articles

Women in Ministry: A Called Community

Judy Rachels

Today's women are courageously, creatively answering the call to serve.

The Best Is Yet To Come: Why Credentialed Women Ministers Matter to the Assemblies of God

Interview with George O. Wood and James T. Bradford

Women are growing up in a very different world today, where they are hearing many conflicting voices within the evangelical and Pentecostal church on the role of women in ministry. Two key voices in the AG discuss the value and role of credentialed women ministers and why their perspective and voice are important.

Your Daughters Will Prophesy: The New Testament Case for Women in Ministry

Kari Brodin

In three critical, revelatory moments we see most clearly the shared place of women and men in fulfilling the work of God's people.

What Paul Really Says About Women in Ministry

George Paul Wood

A closer look at key Pauline passages reveals that egalitarian interpretations make better sense of Paul’s instructions. In fact, Scripture itself provides the best argument against complementarian interpretations.

Called and Chosen: Opening Doors for Women in Ministry

Clarence St. John

Too often we fail to include women ministers in the church's leadership pipeline. Here are five practical ways to open doors of ministry for the called and chosen women among us.

Boldness Without Bitterness

Jodi Detrick

For those who choose to live as called, courageous women - unimpeded by the leaden weight of resentment - here are a few things to consider.

Partnering for Ministry: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies

Mike and Kerry Clarensau

Wise strategies can minimize the unique challenges of tandem ministry and help ministry couples realize the amazing opportunities such partnership affords.

Mentoring: A Non-Negotiable Toward Empowering Women in Ministry

Karen Yancey

The Book of Ruth provides an excellent DNA model for intentionally mentoring other women. Her story provides nine character traits of intentional mentoring.

World-Changers: Five Women Who Shaped the Assemblies of God

Peggy Musgrove

Here are the stories of five women whose lives and ministries shaped the Assemblies of God. They did not intend to become world-changers; they simply followed the flow of the Holy Spirit. The rest is history.

A Final Word: A New Beginning

George Paul Wood



EJ Online for 2015 - Spring

EJ Online

EJ Online Archive


Great Was the Fall Thereof: How to Rebuild People After the Minister Falls

David Paul Smith

In the aftermath of an explosive event in the church, you can bring healing water to the survivors. Here is how.

Grasping at Growth

Danny W. Davis

Here are three signs signaling your church may be in trouble and in need of revitalization.

How to Keep Your Staff Focused and Engaged

Stephen Blandino

Sometimes our best staff members leave us because they're disengaged from their work - and we're often to blame. So what can we do about it?



Column Articles


The Skills to Become an Excellent Leader of the Smaller Congregation

Cal LeMon

On Preaching

Taking the Shallowness Out of Your Preaching

Doug Green

The KingDom Net: NETWORKING for pastors

Institutions Can Network Too

Joseph Castleberry

In Context

The Pharisees in the Book of Acts

Marc Turnage


Why Are Christians Divided by Denominations?

Paul Copan


Honoring Elderly Loved Ones: Upholding Dignity as Health Diminishes

Christina M.H. Powell

Q&A for Ministry Wives

Women and Pornography

Gabriele Rienas



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