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Winter 2015

Current Theme

Money and Ministry: Principles of Biblical Stewardship

North American Christians live amidst historically unprecedented levels of affluence. However, in the past number of years the United States has experienced a deep recession and a slow recovery. With giving down even among Bible-believing Christians, it’s important for those who earn their living from preaching the gospel to manage church finances and personal finances wisely. In this issue of Enrichment, we will explore some time-tested biblical principles that will help guide Christian leaders during these turbulent and uncertain financial times. The issue will address such questions as: What does the Bible teach about wealth and stewardship? Will believing in Jesus Christ make you rich? In acquiring wealth, how should Christians use it? Why has giving decreased and what practical steps can Christian leaders take to help reverse this trend? In tight times, what are best practices for stretching ministry dollars? Because helping the poor is a core moral obligation for Christians and churches, what are some time-tested ways of helping the poor that do more good than harm?


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Theme Articles

Introduction: Stewardship God's Way

Rick Knoth

The State of Church Giving in America

Interview with John and Sylvia Ronsvalle

Having researched American church giving patterns since 1988, the Ronsvalles discuss how much American Christians give to the Church and its mission and how to help them become more generous.

Preaching That Grows the Giving in Your Church

Kregg R. Hood

Here are seven preaching recommendations that will guide your church to see stewardship as an adventure with God, not a burden to endure or dodge.

Budgeting Beyond the Basics: Managing Your Church’s Money

Doug Clay

Whatever size church you lead, you can manage its finances effectively without sacrificing your vision and mission by following these proven principles.

Kingdom Builders: An Over-and-Above Giving Strategy

Rob Ketterling

How do we lead people on the journey to becoming generous, over-and-above givers?

When Helping Hurts

Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert, with Katie Casselberry

To be truly effective, we need to move past treating the symptoms of poverty — a lack of material things — and correctly diagnose its deeper causes.

Thriving Financially: Money Mistakes Ministers Make and How to Avoid Them

Kyle Dana

How to manage your money... and how not to.

John Wesley on the Use of Money

John Wesley

By observing three simple rules, we can become faithful managers of money.

The Dangers of Wealth

George Paul Wood

In Luke 12:13-34, Jesus indetifies three dangers that poses for all people. Have American Christians taken sufficient notice of them?

The Prosperity Gospel: A Biblical Evaluation

Frank D. Macchia

Contextual issues aside, the biblical and theological claims made under the umbrella of the prosperity gospel require careful attention.

A Final Word

Don Headlee


EJ Online for 2015 - Winter

EJ Online

EJ Online Archive


Immediate Obedience: The Adventure of Tuning in to God

Rod Loy

Discover the one area of your life that will make you a better person and a better leader by accepting this author’s 90-day challenge to encounter God more fully than ever before.

When God Stood Up: An Isaiah 59 Compassion

Beth Grant

In the face of twenty-first century darkness, violence, and injustice, how can the Church move from a tentative, anemic compassion to a bold, courageous one? Here are three steps we can take.

Equipping and Mobilizing the Church to Reach Muslims Everywhere

Mark Hausfeld

What missional characteristics of the local church are biblical necessities if Muslims are to be reached with the gospel?



Column Articles


Finding Success in Your Failure

Cal LeMon

On Preaching

Show, Not (Just) Tell

Doug Green

The KingDom Net: NETWORKING for pastors

Gain Trust by Positioning Your Church

Joseph Castleberry

In Context

Jesus and the Pharisees

Marc Turnage


Is It Ever Morally Permissible to Deceive? (Or Is It Okay to Lie to Nazis?)

Paul Copan


Reshaping Beauty: The Ethics of Aesthetic Enhancements

Christina M.H. Powell

Q&A for Ministry Wives

The Problem with Pornography

Gabriele Rienas

CLERGY, church & Law

Naming Your Church as an ‘Additional Insured’

Richard R. Hammar



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Next Time in Enrichment:

Your Daughters Will Prophesy: Assemblies of God Women in Ministry

On the Day of Pentecost, the apostle Peter quoted the prophet Joel, saying, “Your sons and daughters will prophesy” (Acts 2:17, cf. Joel 2:28). God’s promise of an eschatological outpouring of the Holy Spirit has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit calls and empowers both men and women to exercise prophetic ministry in the last days.

Historically, the Assemblies of God has recognized that this Spirit-empowerment opens the doors of credentialed ministry to all qualified applicants, whether men or women. The rise of the so-called New Calvinism, which often teaches that credentialed ministry is open to men only, is causing many young men (and a few young women) to step back from our historic commitment to equality in ministry.

In light of this reality, the spring 2015 issue of Enrichment will examine the issue of Assemblies of God women in ministry under the theme, “Your daughters will prophesy.” The purpose of this issue is to promote the value of credentialed women ministers within the Assemblies of God (USA) by exploring our history, searching the Scriptures, and evaluating our contemporary practice through the lens of our Pentecostal commitments.

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