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Fall 2013

Current Theme

Believing God for Greater Things

The theme of the 2013 General Council of the Assemblies of God is Believing God for Greater Things. As our Fellowship enters its second century of ministry, our leaders are calling on us to believe God for greater things in the days ahead. In keeping with that call, we asked the six executive leaders of the Assemblies of God to share what they are believing God for in the future.

We are also pleased to publish excerpts from five new leadership books that will be featured at General Council: Four Faces of a Leader by H. Robert Rhoden with Dean Merrill; Against the Wind: Creating a Church of Diversity Through Authentic Love by J. Don George; The Jesus-Hearted Woman: Ten Leadership Qualities for Enduring & Endearing Influence byJodi Detrick; Pentecost: This Story Is Our Story by Robert P. Menzies; Relentless: Pursuing a Life That Mattersby Dave Donaldson and Terry Glaspey.

As editors, we trust that these articles will inform and inspire you, and lead you to trust God for greater things in your own ministries.


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Theme Articles

Believing God For Greater Things

INTRODUCTION / George Paul Wood

Believing God for Spirit-Empowerment

L. Alton Garrision

Are believers in the church abandoning Spirit-empowerment because of our failure to give them access to it in the first place?

Believing God for Jesus-Style Leaders

James T. Bradford

Where do you find a template for a better way to lead? Jesus modeled three defining characteristics of Pentecostal leadership.

Believing God for a Prophetically Relevant Church

Doug Clay

When you think of prophetic relevance, think in terms of four key principles.

Believing God for a Mobilized Church: Reaching the Lost, Helpless, Hurting, and Oppressed

Zollie L. Smith, Jr.

The Church is poised like never before to be the key rescuer to redeem America — that is if the church will be the Church.

Believing God for Unreached People Groups

Greg Mundis

You don’t measure yourself by your success but by the unfinished task.



Discover Jordan

Rick Knoth

Four Faces of a Leader

H. Robert Rhoden With Dean Merrill

When you think of leadership, think of moving from simple survival … to success … and on to significance.

Against the Wind: Creating a Church of Diversity Through Authentic Love

J. Don George

Taking bold steps of inclusion and equality to change your church’s culture can be challenging. The following five principles will guide you during the process.

The Jesus-Hearted Woman: Ten Leadership Qualities for Enduring & Endearing Influence

Jodi Detrick

Wherever you are in your leadership journey, being a Jesus-hearted woman is possible by embracing these ten leadership qualities.

Pentecost: This Story Is Our Story

Robert P. Menzies

The reluctance to give clear, theological definition to the Pentecostal movement misses the fact the Bible shaped the Movement. We need to know whom we are to pass on this legacy.

Relentless: Pursuing a Life That Matters

Dave Donaldson and Terry Glaspey

There has never been a time in history where it is so easy for the church to help so many. Are we determined to take advantage of this moment in time to make a difference?

A Final Word

Richard L. Schoonover



From the General Superintendent

Interview: Believing God for Greater Things

George O. Wood

The theme of the Assemblies of God’s 2013 General Council is “Believe.” It is also the catchword of a multiyear emphasis as the Assemblies of God gears up for its centennial in 2014. In keeping with this theme, Enrichment interviewed General Superintendent George O. Wood, focusing on what the Assemblies of God is believing God for as it enters its 100th year of ministry.


Column Articles


Do You Recognize Your Family?

Scott Hagan

Q&A for Ministry Wives

I'm Tired of Struggling Financially

Gabriele Rienas


Reading Your Board’s Body Language

Cal LeMon


Is It Wrong to Believe Without Evidence?

Paul Copan


Using Social Media to Build Connections & Community

Justin Lathrop


Creative Sermon Change-Ups

Doug Green


Whole Genome Sequencing: How Much Information Is Too Much?

Christina M.H. Powell

In Context

The Pilate Inscription from Caesarea

Marc Turnage



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Next Time in Enrichment:

The Modern Family & the Family of God

By any statistical measure, the modern family is a mess. According to statistics in the The State of Our Unions: 2012, more than 60 percent of couples now cohabit prior to their first marriage. The average married couple faces a 40-50 percent chance of getting divorced. Forty-one percent of all childbirths are nonmarital. And 26 percent of children live with only one of their biological parents. These realities have a negative impact on the parties involved, especially the children.

The Winter 2014 issue of Enrichment examines how the Church — the family of God — should minister in the context of the modern family. Articles lay out best practices that move couples toward the ideal: healthy marriages and healthy families. However, they also address how the local church should minister in the context of divorce, blended families, single-parent households, and other situations.

The issue includes engaging articles by Joe Butler, Ron R. Deal, Diana R. Garland, Don Lichi, Elizabeth Marquardt, Robert S. Paul, Jane Richard, Rob Rienow, Mark E. Strong, W. Bradford Wilcox, and others.

We trust this issue will help you address the unique challenges and opportunities the modern family poses to the family of God.



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