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Fall 2012

Current Theme

Faith and Science: Interpreting God’s Word and God’s World

The fall 2012 issue of Enrichment addresses various aspects of the often-tense relationship between faith and science in Western culture. This issue features articles by three prominent Christian scientists about the biblical and scientific evidence for the age of the earth. These articles with rebuttals illuminate basic issues in the faith-science debate. Other articles address models for understanding the relationship of faith and science, how Pentecostal scientists integrate their faith with their scientific profession, how to minister in a scientifically literate culture, and how to respond to New Atheist misuses of science. Read compelling articles by Paul Copan, William Lane Craig, Gregory A. Gannsle, Timothy J. McGrew, Christina M.H. Powell, Hugh Ross, Michael Tenneson, Amos Yong, Davis A. Young, Kurt P. Wise, and George O. Wood.


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Theme Articles


I. The Relationship Between Faith and Science

Faith and Science: Friend or Foe?

Amos Yong

How should faith and science interact? Here are four basic positions to consider with recommendations.

Interview - A Dialogue on Faith and Science

Steve Krstulovich, Cecil Miller, and Christina M.H. Powell

Here is a much-needed perspective from three Pentecostal scientists that will help Pentecostal ministers more competently engage their churches in the ongoing faith and science dialogue.


II. The Earth’s Age: Various Evangelical Positions

The Case for a Young Earth

Kurt P. Wise

Not only does the Genesis account maintain that the creation is young, but according to this author, a young creation is foundational to the rest of Scripture.

The Case for Day-Age Creation

Hugh Ross

Is belief in an old earth and in days as “ages” perfectly consistent with the belief that God created in 6 literal days? This author thinks so.

The Case for an Old Earth (The Literary Framework Interpretation)

Davis A. Young

Is the 7-day creation account meant to be chronological or is it meant as a literary framework or symbolic structure designed to reinforce the purposefulness of God in creation?

Response to Davis Young and Hugh Ross

Kurt P. Wise

Response to Kurt P. Wise and Davis Young

Hugh Ross

Response to Kurt P. Wise and Hugh Ross

Davis A. Young


III. Ministry in a Scientific Age: Practical Issues

Preparing Young People for a Life of Faith

Michael Tenneson

Is your church a safe place where youth can question, discuss, and debate controversial faith-science topics? If not, here are tried and tested practical approaches to make your church such a place.

Science and the Pulpit: Ministering to Scientifically Literate People

Christina M.H. Powell

Here are pitfalls to avoid and positive approaches to take when speaking about science from the pulpit.

Living in the Tension of the Faith and Science Discussion

John Mark Reynolds

What do we need to know to successfully live in the tension between science and religion? Here are four important things we should know for sure in the religion and science discussion.


IV. Defense of Faith Against “New Atheist” Science

Does Science Prove That God Does Not Exist? A Look at Richard Dawkins

Gregory E. Ganssle

We must make careful observations to see whether there are good reasons to think that Richard Dawkins’ best argument against the existence of God is true.

Is Religious Belief Just a Brain Function?

Paul Copan

Are humans evolutionarily “hard-wired” to believe in God? Does religion have a scientific explanation? Consider the alleged evidence and this author’s response to it.

Navigating Sam Harris’ The Moral Landscape

William Lane Craig

If God does not exist, what foundation remains for objective moral values and duties? Can science answer questions of morality? New Atheist Sam Harris thinks so.

Science, Doubt, and Miracles

Timothy McGrew

Are miracles at odds with modern science? Can modern science settle the question of miracles?

In Closing

A Pentecostal Way Forward Through the Challenges of Science

George Paul Wood


From the General Superintendent

Faith and Science:
Interpreting God’s Word and God’s World


George O. Wood


Column Articles

Lead Long…Lead Strong

Social Notworking

Scott Hagan

Church, Clergy & Law

The Supreme Court's Health Care Ruling

Richard R. Hammar

Moving Leaders Forward

What to Do When Your Team Says It Cannot Be Done

Glenn Reynolds

On Preaching…

Where Do You Start?

Doug Green

Managing the Mayhem of Ministry

Your Leadership Legacy

Cal LeMon

Well Connected

10 Steps To Better Networking

Justin Lathrop

Q&A for Ministry Wives

Balancing Career and Ministry

Gabriele Rienas

In Context

The Birth of Jesus

Marc Turnage

Ministry & Medical Ethics

Measuring Responsibility: Moral Agency and the Brain

Christina M.H. Powell



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Next Time in Enrichment:

Preaching: Credibility, Content, and Connection in the Ministry of God’s Word

In 1 Corinthians 9:16, Paul said, “For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of; for necessity is laid upon me; yea woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel.” Name any other profession: schoolteacher, counselor, politician, surgeon, lawyer, businessman, or whatever other profession you wish, and preaching is more significant because preaching turns sinners into saints, and gives guidance to life not only for time, but also for eternity. What other work can be more important than that of the preacher? Therefore, preaching is the theme of the winter 2013 issue of Enrichment. The theme is divided into three categories: the character of the preacher, the subject of the sermon, and its relevance to the audience.

The issue includes informative and practical articles by Dan Betzer, Doug Clay, Herbert Cooper, Jodi Detrick, Dick Foth, Debbie Gill, Doug Green, Bryan Jarrett, Steve Lim, DeLonn Rance, Rick Warren, and others.


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