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Fall 2009

Current Theme

Church Multiplication: Growing the Church Exponentially

The long-term health of any denomination or movement can be evaluated by two simple standards: the number of new churches born each year that survive and prosper; and the vigor and reproductive rate of its established of “adult” churches.

In the American Church today, some denominations are thriving, while many others are on the road to extinction. Declining denominations are marked by striking similarities — their members are getting older, their congregations are declining in size, and they start few new churches. Thriving denominations, on the other had, have a much younger demographic and they start many more new churches each year. Eventually declining denominations will become extinct unless they dramatically change their values and behaviors.

In this issue of Enrichment, we explore the topic of church multiplication from multiple perspectives. Hear compelling essays from: Mark Batterson, Neil Cole, Earl Creps, Dave Ferguson, David Kinnaman, Dave Mills, Dave Olson, Nelson Searcy, Ed Stetzer, and others


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Theme Articles

INTRODUCTION: Vigorously Planting New Churches

Gary R. Allen

The Survival of the Species: Why the Multiplication of Churches Is Critical for Your Denomination

David T. Olson

In the American church today, some denominations are thriving, while others are on the road to extinction. Will declining churches and denominations learn reinvigorating habits of health and growth? This is a vital question to ponder.

Equipping Church Planters for Success

Ed Stetzer

Unprepared church planters can quickly run into harvest fields that soon became killing fields. Consider how these church planting support systems will help stop the carnage

INTERVIEW: One Passion, One Purpose: Planting Thriving Churches in Diverse Demographic Contexts

Six church planters from six demographic contexts share their practical insights that will benefit anyone who shares their common passion for church planting.

Failing Forward

Mark Batterson

If we allow our failures to define us, they can ruin us. But failure handled properly is the best thing that can happen.

The AARP Generation Plants Churches

Earl Creps

Rather than boomers putting their ministries on cruise control, now is the time for them to take a chance on church planting, to finish their careers playing offense rather than defense.

Why Church Planting Must Be R Rated

Jonathan Gainsbrugh

In church planting the three most important words have always been and will always be: “Relationship. Relationship. Relationship.”

Launching Large: The New Paradigm in Church Planting

Nelson Searcy

To understand launching large, you must understand its two essential complementary components — launching quickly and launching from the outside in.

The Seven Most Important Questions When Going Multisite

Dave Ferguson

If you are among the growing numbers of churches that are considering reproducing through multiple locations, here are the seven most important questions you need to answer.

Organic Church: Real Christianity Versus Religiosity

Neil Cole

Are we planting religious organizations rather than planting the powerful presence of Christ?

Compassion Planting: Service Power That Grows Healthy New Churches

David Mills

Research on the emerging generations makes it clear that service to others is not an option if we are to be credible with people under 30.

Glocal Church Planting

Bob Roberts, Jr.

A pastor’s heart toward Kingdom ministry is not reflected in what he says or preaches about church planting, but rather in how many new churches he starts.

Reaching People Who Are Far From God

David Kinnaman

What can be done to initiate new congregations and minister effectively to a new generation? Here are some practical steps to consider.

What Is the Church Multiplication Network?

Steve Pike

Just as creating the U.S. Interstate System led to the rapid development of strong communities in every corner of this nation, so the Church Multiplication Network has the potential to revolutionize the way the Assemblies of God creates communities of faith among the “pre,” “un,” and “de” churched.

In Closing: We Are Here to Help

Steve Pike

From the General Superintendent

The Ten Ts in an Apostolic Church Plant
from Acts 19

George O. Wood

Consider these 10 elements in Acts 19 for a church plant that shakes a city.



Column Articles

Theological Enrichment

Baptism in the Holy Spirit: Old Testament Promise

Edgar R. Lee

Practical Applications of Old Testament Pneumatology: Our Need for His Help

Tim Enloe

Ministry And Medical Ethics

Meeting the Needs of People with Disabilities Within the Church

Christina M.H. Powell

Q&A For The Pastor’s Wife

I Miss My Family Desperately

Gabriele Rienas

Original Wisdom

Joseph Hillary King (1869-1946)

“A Lofty View of the Atonement”

Douglas Jacobsen

Clergy, Church & Law

Should Your Church Consider a 401(k) Plan?

Richard R. Hammar

Iuniversity:Empowering Collegians for Christ

How Do You Minister to “Joe” Student?

Harvey A. Herman

Everything But Preaching

Working With the Creative Genius

Dick Hardy

From the Light Side: Sourdough, Ak

Pray or Prey

Jack Aiken And Torry “Moose” Martin


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