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Summer 2009

Current Theme

Unmarried America: Ministry Opportunities For Today’s Church

One of the largest demographics in today’s society is single adults. The U.S. government census estimates that more than 42 percent of the population of the United States are single. Unfortunately, the church often overlooks this important segment of society. But single adults — those who have never married, are divorced, widowed, single parents — have much to contribute to the church.

Read practical articles on how to effectively minister to the young adults and single adults in your church and community by Margaret Feinberg, Dennis Franck, Linda Hardin, Rich Hurst, Don Partridge, Rick Stedman, and others.


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Theme Articles

Introduction: Developing a Viable Singles Ministry

Gary R. Allen

The challenge for the church is to blend singles and married into a solid community of faith while meeting the special needs of nuclear families and young and single adults.

Unmarried America: How Single Adults Are Changing The Face of the U.S. and What It Means for the Church

Rich Hurst

The question today is: How can we use the lessons learned — or missed — by those who focused on single adult ministry in earlier decades?

The Hidden Mission Field: Reaching Out to Young Adults and Single Adults

Dennis Franck

Through prayer and strategic planning, this hidden mission field can become a ministry force in your church.

What Twentysomethings Wish You Knew

Margaret Feinberg

If you are wondering how to relate to this new breed of young adults — and build bridges into their hearts and lives — here are a few insiders’ tips.

Bridging the Generations: Young Adult and Single Adult Ministry Prepares the Church of Today for Tomorrow

Jerry Brooks, Scott Erickson, Joe Fuiten, Eddie De La Rosa, with Scott Harrup

To ask for a common denominator among these four pastors might seem a trick question. But a critical link between them is the need to reach and disciple a key segment of U.S. society — single young adults.

How to Win the Heart of Your Senior Pastor for Singles Ministry

Rick Stedman

Here are three keys to unlocking your pastor’s heart toward singles ministry.

Strengthening the Church Today and Building the Church for Tomorrow

Interview With Darcy Decker, Lindsay Fosner, Sam Miller, Reza Zadeh

Here is a candid conversation with four leading young adult and single adult pastors you don’t want to miss.

Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Starting a Young Adult Ministry

Jason Bowman

By following these simple steps you will be on your way to beginning a fruitful ministry for young adults.

Single Adults — Gifted and Giving

Tim Mclauchlin

Salvation for the Single-Parent Family

Lois Breit

What can your church do for the single-parent families looking for answers and help? More than you can possibly imagine.

Life in the Blender: Ministering to the Needs of Blended Families

Don Partridge

Few in society more closely fit the bill of being brokenhearted and bruised as single parents and members of stepfamilies. Will working with stepfamilies and single parents become a predominant ministry in your church?


Get Over the Numbers — Reaching Young and Single Adults in the Smaller Church

Brandon Searles

Here are four steps to implementing a new or improving an existing single adult and young adult program in the smaller church.

Single Does Not Mean Alone

Scott Harrup

The personal journey of recovery of three single adults points to the restorative power singles ministry offers, both to group members and the community.

In Closing: Connecting Young and Single Adults With Christ

Rod Loy


From the General Superintendent

Divorce and Remarriage: Ministering to Those Who Have Experienced This Trauma


Interview With George O. Wood



Column Articles

Theological Enrichment

Communicating Spirit Baptism in Fresh New Ways

Gary Grogan

The Greatest Challenges Of Pastoral Care

“Innocence Lost” Helping Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Marnie Ferree

Ministry And Medical Ethics

The Emotional Health Needs of Young Adults and Singles

Christina M.H. Powell

Q&A For The Pastor’s Wife

Compared to Previous Pastor’s Wife

Gabriele Rienas

Everything But Preaching

Dealing With Needy People

Dick Hardy

Clergy, Church & Law

Substantiating Charitable Contributions

Richard R. Hammar

Original Wisdom

Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944)

“The Positive Proclamation of Pentecost”

Douglas Jacobsen


Empowering Collegians for Christ

Want To Leave a Legacy? Mentor University Students

Harvey A. Herman

Sourdough, AK

The Devil and Doctor Jones

Jack Aiken And Torry “Moose” Martin


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