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Spring 2009

Current Theme

When Ministry Hurts: Healing for the Wounded Leader

Pastoral ministry is not always easy. Pastors carry the burdens of their congregation as they work to minister to those who are hurting. But many times those who are hurting hurt the one who is trying to help them. Pastoral pain can also come from staff members, or in the case of a staff person, his senior pastor. This pain also extends to the families of those in ministry.

Many times those who have been wounded carry the pain with them as they continue to minister. Others turn from the ministry and look for a vocation that is less stressful.

This issue of Enrichment journal is designed to bring healing to those who have been injured in ministry. Learn how to deal with pastoral hurts from Glenn Daman, Don Detrick, Wayde I. Goodall, David Horner, T. Ray Rachels, John Setser, Les Welk, and Dale O. Wolery,


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Theme Articles


Gary R. Allen

While ministry can provide reward, joy, and fulfillment, it can also create deep wounds, pain, anger, and unforgiveness.

The Journey From Suffering to Sufficient Grace

M. Wayne Benson With Scott Harrup

Three pastors speak candidly about their wounds and what it took to survive and heal and continue in ministry. Their shared stories prove both instructive and healing.

When Your Character Is Under Fire: The Withering Effect of Personal Attacks

David Horner

Some of the most destructive personal attacks pastors face do not come from a pagan, unbelieving world. More often they come from within the church.

Recovering From Emotional Abuse

Don Detrick

What to do when those you have ministered to, sacrificed over, prayed and counseled with, and encouraged turn against you.

Broken Hearts Shattered Trust: Workplace Abuse of Church Staff

John Setser

Abused associates leave their places of ministry confused, despondent, and discouraged. If you are a wounded associate, consider the following principles you can draw on to facilitate your healing.

Hurting Those We Serve — When a Pastor’s Wounds Injure the Ones He Seeks To Heal

Dale O. Wolery

It is easy for pastors to be blind to the ways they do relationships poorly and to the wounds that influence their relationship behavior.

The Minister and the Plague of Personal Insecurity

Leslie E. Welk

If insecurity among ministers is to some extent unavoidable, the key question is: at what point does insecurity become dysfunctional?

Missing Your Sweet Spot and Other Avoidable Mistakes Ministry Leaders Make

Kent J. Ingle

Pastors bring some troubles on themselves through their failures and mistakes. Here are ten of the most common mistakes ministry leaders make and how can you avoid them.

When Sheep Attack: Dealing with Pastoral Abuse in the Smaller Church

Glenn Daman

While a pastor cannot stop all the abuse that happens in the smaller church, he can turn malicious beasts into docile sheep by following these six steps.

When Not to Swing Back: The Pastor vs. the Antagonist

Wayde I. Goodall

The response of spiritual leaders of previous generations who have been misunderstood, threatened, or unjustly attacked by others gives us precedence to build on in choosing to both understand what is going on and to come out stronger.

Healthy Exit Strategies: How to Know When It’s Time to Move On and Best Prepare for It

T. Ray Rachels

A pastor’s ability to determine whether he should continue at his present place of ministry or leave will give wisdom its severest test.



Beyond the Ashes … The Journey Back to Wholeness

Trisha Matthews

Ministry wives who limp along the dark and lonely path of their husband’s moral failure share a common desire — to find healing for their broken hearts.

In Closing — Inevitable Wounds

M. Wayne Benson

Final words of encouragement for the wounded shepherd.


From the General Superintendent

Steps to Forgiveness

George O. Wood

Unforgiveness has a high cost, but how does one proceed in forgiveness? Consider these six steps to a forgiving heart.


Column Articles

From the Light Side

Sourdough, Ak — A Salt of Character

Jack Aiken and Torry “Moose” Martin

Theological Enrichment

The Imminent Return of Christ: Do We Really Believe It?

W.E. Nunnally

The Greatest Challenges Of Pastoral Care

Healing From the Pain of Sexual Assault

Jennifer Cisney

Ministry And Medical Ethics

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: The Interrelationship of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health

Christina M.H. Powell

Q&A For The Pastor’s Wife

Bouncing Back From a Painful Situation

Gabriele Rienas

Clergy, Church & Law

Church Computers

Richard R. Hammar

Everything But Preaching

Letting a Staff Person Go

Dick Hardy

iuniversity: Empowering Collegians For Christ

Do You Have Room in Your Life for One More Friend?

Harvey A. Herman

Original Wisdom

Richard G. Spurling (1857–1935)
“A Theology Rooted and Grounded in Love”

Douglas Jacobsen


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