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Winter 2009

Current Theme

Fireproofing Your Marriage and Family

Challenges to happy, loving family relationships are not just for the people who sit in the pew. They also affect the lives of those who stand behind the pulpit. If your ministry marriage is broken or semi-broken, you are in great company. Some of the most successful ministers in North America have terrible marriages. Instead of model marriages reflecting well on Christ, ministry marriages are fighting for survival. Families pictured inside front covers of church directories or displayed as staff in brochures appear happy and healthy. Off of the brochure and back in the bedroom this is seldom reality. Clergy families are not always as they appear. They are in trouble. The increasing disfigurement of clergy family life abounds.

This issue of Enrichment journal is filled with insightful and compelling articles and interviews that communicate practical ways to fireproof your marriage and family relationships. Read stirring compositions by Henry Cloud, Don and Jodi Detrick, H.B. London, Gary Oliver, Dennis Rainey, Dale Wolery, George O. Wood, and others.


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Theme Articles

Happily Married in the Here and Now?

H.B. London

Challenges to happy, loving family relationships affect not only the people in the pew, but also those behind the pulpit. Here are seven reasons why ministry marriages are in jeopardy and ways to be happily married in the here and now.

Building Ministry Marriages That Last a Lifetime

Gary J. Oliver

Perhaps you have acquired, even mastered, some of the core relational skills that contribute to a good marriage. But the following choices can take your marriage to a whole new level.

Fizzle or Sizzle: Keeping Romance Alive in Your Marriage

Dennis Rainey

If you want to put some spark back into your marriage, here are a few tips:

Back From the Brink: Just When Things Seemed Hopeless

Charlie And Sandy Salmon With Scott Harrup

Charlie and Sandy nearly became a divorce statistic just 11 years into their marriage. The lessons they learned from that experience have made them the man and wife — and the pastors — they are today.

Healing for the Broken Ministry Marriage

Dale Wolery

If your ministry marriage is broken or struggling, you are in great company. Some of the most successful ministers in North America have terrible marriages. Here is what you need to know to keep from having a marriage meltdown.

Ministry and Marriage: Pastors’ Wives Tell All (almost)

Gabriele Rienas

What do four ministry wives have to say about being married to a minister? Listen in to this ministry-wives-tell-all meeting.

When People Throw Stones: Protecting Your Marriage and Family

Don And Jodi Detrick

While you cannot hire security guards or build a fence to protect your marriage and family, consider these suggestions.

Raising Happy and Healthy Children While in the Ministry

Henry Cloud

It is good for people in ministry to be vigilant concerning how their children are developing. That raises a question: What is worth worrying about?

Growing Up in a Pastor’s Home — The Risks and Rewards

Chris Arnzen

A refreshingly candid interview with seven college-age PKs reveals the risks and rewards of growing up in a pastor’s home.

Walking the Prodigal Path

Judi Braddy

As pastors and parents of children who strayed from the faith and fold, four ministry couples admit their common ground was pain, but their hope is in sharing how they found resolution.

Managing Financial Stressors to Maximize Resources: Tips to Stretch Your Family Dollar and Plan Your Financial Future

Gerry Hindy

The negative impact economic pressures can have on the minister’s home, family life, and ministry is powerful and all-encompassing. Here are tips that can stretch your family dollar and plan your financial future.



From the General Superintendent

An Apostle’s Counsel to Married Couples
From 1 Peter 3:1–7

George O. Wood

How well is it in your home? Are you a healing wife? A healing husband? The apostle Peter lays out the essentials of being a healing wife and husband.




Gary R. Allen


Rick Knoth


Column Articles

Theological Enrichment

Binding and Loosing: A Biblical Perspective on a Popular Modern Practice

W.E. Nunnally

The Greatest Challenges Of Pastoral Care

What Pastors Can Do to Help Couples Affected by Adultery

Larry E. Hazelbaker

Managing Your Ministry

Year-end Meetings: Do They Do More Harm than Good?

Tim Mcgraw

Clergy, Church & Law

Church Security: Does Your Church Need a Security Guard?

Richard Hammar

Ministry And Medical Ethics

Science and Spiritual Matters: Drawing the Appropriate Line

Christina M.H. Powell

Q&A For The Pastor’s Wife

Close Friends with a Woman in the Church

Gabriele Rienas

Original Wisdom

Maria Beulah Woodworth-Etter (1844–1924)

“A Woman’s Place Is in the Pulpit”

Douglas Jacobsen

Iuniversity: Empowering Collegians for Christ

The Student-Friendly Church

Harvey Herman


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