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Spring 2008

Current Theme

Renewing the Mission: Reaching Our Communities

Jesus’ words in Matthew 28:19, 20 to “go and make disciples … and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” cannot be ignored. This is the purpose of His church. Unfortunately, the church can lose its outward focus and become captive by internal ministry structures that do little to reach the unbeliever for Christ. The call for the 21st-century church and leaders is to embrace a missional mindset that moves beyond maintaining traditional systems to one that adapts emerging strategies for outreach in the community.


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Theme Articles

Hope in America’s Crisis

L. Alton Garrison

Misconceptions hamper the future of missions in America. But there are ways church leaders can overcome them and stand together for national revival.

Reaching America’s Communities Is Every Church’s Responsibility

Interview With Ray Berryhill, Steve Dodson, Mark Lehmann

Three pastors share the practical and innovative ways their churches are taking that responsibility seriously.

Writing on the Wall: The Future of the Church and its Mission

Ed Stetzer

What must the North American church “become” and “do” in this season of decline?

Navigating the Changing Waters of Leadership

Alan Roxburgh

What do cultural shifts mean for the work and witness of churches?

Developing a Missional Mindset

Don Detrick

To face new challenges and opportunities both in embracing our past and engaging our present, we must develop a missional mindset.

Birthing a Move of God

Randy Valimont

It does not matter who you are or where you pastor, God is calling your church to grow.

Walking Toward the Harvest

J. Don George

How one pastor walked his church toward the harvest one step at a time.

Let Love Live

Dary Northrop

The principle of Christ’s love transformed this church’s entire approach to ministry.

Moving From Addition to Multiplication

Tommy Barnett

Growing your church rests on these nine axioms.

Biblical Principles and Practices for Effective Personal Witness

Randy Hurst

These principles provide a biblical framework for teaching personal evangelism that can become an integral part of any believer’s lifestyle.

A Vision for the City: The Jeremiah Paradigm for the City

Eldin Villafañe

Why we should pray and seek the peace of the city, if not for “Babylon’s” health, at least for the church’s health.

Church Planting and Evangelism: A Prescription for Reaching America

Steven M. Pike

Consider these five reasons why church planting is the best methodology for evangelism.

Evangelism or Disciple Making?

Charles Arn

Nearly every pastor can testify that not all decisions result in disciples and responsible church members.

Chi Alpha: Bringing the Sacred to America’s Secular Campuses

Scott Harrup

College students encounter groups that reflect humanistic values. But for those who discover Chi Alpha, a different environment emerges.

From the General Superintendent

The Making of a Superintendent:
Interview With George O. Wood

Here’s a peek into the formative years of George O. Wood’s ministry, and the lessons he learned.




Ministry Matters:

Reaching Our Community

Gary R. Allen

In Closing

Compassionate Evangelism

John Lindell


Column Articles

The Greatest Challenges of Pastoral Care

When a Child Dies

Richard D. Dobbins

Original Wisdom

William Howard Durham’s Focus and Priorities

By Douglas Jacobsen

Ministry and Medical Ethics

Guidelines for Making Sense of Science in the Media

Christina M.H. Powell

Q&A for Ministry Wives

A Son Wrestling With the Faith

Gabriele Rienas

Real Life Preaching

The Hip Factor in Preaching

Doug Oss

Leaders Edge

Self-leadership: Leading From the Inside Out

Eric D. Rust

Managing Your Ministry

Organizational Development and the Church, Part Two: Developing Leaders Through Community

John Michael De Marco

Ministry Marriages

Protecting Your Spouse

Ron Edmondson

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