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Winter 2008

Current Theme

Discipleship: The Neglected Mandate

Why are Christians not more like Christ? This is the crisis at the heart of the church today. The dismal state of discipleship in the church begs us to readdress this issue again. While most churches have programs for this purpose, most pastors fail to see the need for biblical discipleship that transforms the heart and turns ordinary Christians into extraordinary followers of Christ. In this issue you will read compelling essays by Earl Creps, Brett Eastman, Stephen Lim, Greg Ogden, Shane Warren, Michael J. Wilkins, and others.


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Theme Articles

The Crisis of Discipleship in the American Church

Charles T. Crabtree

Four important indicators must be carefully considered when assessing the state of discipleship in the church.

The Cycle of Evangelism and Discipleship: An Unending Process

Randy Hurst

The cycle of evangelism and discipleship is an unending process of reaching and retaining people who become citizens of Christ’s eternal kingdom.

The Role of Spiritual Leadership in Discipleship

Shane Warren

A pastor’s role as spiritual leader in the discipleship process is imperative if it is to be effective.

Disciple Making for Changing Times and Changing Churches

Michael J. Wilkins

Consider these essential features of biblical discipleship that must characterize our attempts to develop a disciple-making ministry.

Why Churches Don’t Disciple and How Yours Can

Stephen Lim

Flawed ministry paradigms sabotage the church’s efforts at disciple making. Consider this approach that is sure to improve the quality of disciple making in your church.

Making Disciples Jesus’ Way: A Few At a Time

Greg Ogden

Here is a simple, reproducible way to grow disciples that will forever change your practice of ministry and leave your church with self-initiating, reproducing disciples of Christ.

Moving Target: Reframing Discipleship for Postmoderns

Earl G. Creps

Three shifts to re-understand the challenge of discipling those who are navigating the postmodern turn.

Sunday School: A Recipe for Discipleship

Wes Bartel

What should an effective discipleship ministry look like in the 21st century? There are at least four necessary ingredients needed to create an effective Sunday School or Christian education ministry.

Balancing Our Out-of-balance Structure

Darren Daugherty

Churches can respond in many ways in today’s culture to make disciples of Christ, but there is one change many are unwilling to make.

The Power and Potential of Small Groups

Brett Eastman

Principles that have unlocked amazing growth and community outreach for church after church can happen in your church, too.

Turning Decisions into Additions and Additions into Disciplers (New Convert Care)

Jim Hall

New believer disciple making is indispensable if churches are to curb the alarming spiritual death rate among them. Consider these practical steps that will turn decisions into additions and additions into disciplers.



From the General Superintendent

My 5 Core Values

By George O. Wood, General Superintendent

Interview with Thomas E. Trask

A Life of Service, A Message of Hope, A Season of Change


Ministry Matters:

Let's Talk About Discipleship...Again

Gary R. Allen

In Closing

Passionate About Discipleship

By L. Alton Garrison


Column Articles

Theological Enrichment

God Looks at All Sin the Same: Sound Biblical Teaching or Sloppy Bumper Sticker Theology?

W.E. Nunnally

Real Life Preaching

Right-Brain Preaching: Capturing the Imagination of Your Listeners

Doug Oss and Mark Batterson

The Greatest Challenges of Pastoral Care

Reaching the Homosexual

Alan Chambers

Ministry and Medical Ethics

Valuing the Beginning of Life: Bioethics and Premarital Counseling

Christina M.H. Powell

History Is His Story

Anselm, Abelard, and the Atonement

William P. Farley

Managing Your Ministry

Organizational Development and the Church

Part One" The Church — A Living System

John Michael Demarco

Q&A for the Pastor’s Wife

Ministry Wives in the Workforce: Balancing Job, Family, and Church Responsibilities

Gabriele Rienas

From My Perspective

Lessons From the Bridge

Carolyn Tennant

Christian Education

Your Church Should Be Into Sex Education

Richard D. Dobbins


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