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Fall 2007

Current Theme

Growing Together: Maximizing the Power of Team Ministry

Team ministry is more than assembling a paid or volunteer staff and calling them a team. Many pastors have done that and have discovered that calling a group of people staff did not change staff relationships or the church. Team ministry is more than preventing staff infection. Staff pastors who get along with each other may still not be effective. Real team ministry begins when the senior pastor becomes the leader he needs to be. He then leads his team into authentic relationships, helps them grow personally and vocationally so they can impact their church and community.


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Theme Articles

Synergy: The Multiplying Impact of Ministry Teams

J. David Arnett

To be truly effective, ministry teams must possess the unity, mutuality, and interconnectedness of a well-functioning body.

Becoming the Kind of Leader Others Want To Follow

Bruce Mcnichol

While many pastors work hard to develop performance-based skills, relatively few are intentional about developing character. In fact, many simply do not know how.

Mentoring That Produces Great Spiritual Leaders

J. Don George

The model mentor of the universe is Jesus. We would do well to consider His principles of mentoring.

The Insecure Pastor

Samuel Rima

What can a pastor do to defeat the destructive dynamics of personal insecurity? Consider these steps to overcoming this dark side of leadership.

Taking Staff to Higher Levels of Performance and Relationship

Tim Hager

Pastors and staff can climb to higher levels of relationship and performance by practicing these basic team-building principles.

Turning Future Stars Into Real Treasures: A Strategy for Building High Performance Team Members

Mark Rutland

Seeing ministry players mature into a finely tuned team that makes great plays and wins the big games is rewarding. Here is how to turn your future stars into real treasures.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Gary L. Mcintosh

Numerous problems may be encountered in team ministry. Consider these suggestions for minimizing conflict and helping pastors and their staff get along.

Building an Effective Ministry Team in the Smaller Church

Glenn Daman

How can the smaller church effectively staff its ministry and develop effective teams when it relies on volunteers who might resign at the slightest whim?

The JENGA Staffing Principle

Dan Reiland

Consider these principles to understanding the nature of staff changes and how to optimize even the difficult ones.

In Search of Timothy

Tony Cooke

What are the characteristics of a profitable assistant? Here are 10 essential traits to look for when hiring supportive staff.

Can You Lead From the Second Chair?

Mike Bonem And Roger Patterson

How understanding the paradoxes of second-chair leadership will help you thrive in your supportive ministry role.

Maximizing Productivity in Mixed Gender Settings

Sheri Benvenuti

While more women are being called to ministry and given positions of authority in the church, two broad areas of interest rise to the forefront.


From the General Superintendent

Ask the Superintendent

The Role and Care of Church Staff

Consider these common-sense reflections on pastor-staff dynamics.

A Chat With Pastors

Defining Truths of the Assemblies of God: Salvation



Ministry Matters:

Gary R. Allen

In Closing

By Rick Knoth


Column Articles

Theological Enrichment

The Sins of Generational Curse

W.E. Nunnally

The Greatest Challenges Of Pastoral Care

What Pastors Can Do To Help Victims of Domestic Violence in the Church

Grant L. Martin

History Is His Story

The Great Pelagian Controversy

William P. Farley

Ministry And Medical Ethics

Healthy Habits for Sustaining Effective Ministry

Christina M.H. Powell

Q&A For The Pastor’s Wife

Adjusting to a Change in Ministry

Gabriele Rienas

Reaching The Secular University

University of Central Arkansas: Praying Up a Storm

Rusty Wright

Real Life Preaching

Carpe Digital: Taking Your Preaching Off-Road Via Godcasting

Mark Betterson

Clergy Church and Law

How Pension Reform Legislation Affects Your Church — The 10 Most Important Changes for Churches and Church Staff

Richard R. Hammar



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