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Summer 2007

Current Theme

Embracing Diversity: Kingdom Ministry in a Multiethnic World

In a society that is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, churches can reflect the passion of Christ for all people by embracing unity in the midst of diversity. This issue of Enrichment provides insight, wisdom, tools, and guidance to assist pastors and churches in becoming more intentionally inclusive.


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Theme Articles

Embracing God's Passion For Diversity: A Theology Of Racial And Ethnic Plurality

By Craig S. Keener

The multiracial birth of the modern Pentecostal movement should not surprise us, given the same message on the first Pentecost.

Living With The Other

By Miroslav Volf

In an attempt to present what Christian tradition says about living with the other, three questions are answered: Who is the other? Who are we? How should we relate to each other?

The Healthy Church: A Commitment To Loving And Caring Relationships

By Pablo Polischuck

Here are six concrete guidelines that form the ingredients of an integrated, caring, and loving congregation.

The American Mosaic: A Design For The Vision And Mission Of The Church

By Jesse Miranda, Jr.

Today millions of people of color are standing at a crossroad. Which direction will they go? The Pentecostal church in America can significantly influence the direction they chose.

Preparing To Minister In A Multiracial World

By George Yancey

Successful multiracial churches use certain principles to help them attract people from different races to their congregations.

Beyond The Color Line: Models Of Racial Integration

By Mario H. Guerreiro

Many successful models of racial integration are being employed in Pentecostal churches across the United States. Here is a look at the pros and cons of various models as well as their applicability in various ministry contexts.

Shaking Off The Shackles: God's Multiracial Vision From The Book Of Romans

By Isaac Canales

The Apostle Paul’s answers to the multiracial issues of his day are appropriate for pastors today.

Who Is My Neighbor?

By Sam Rodriguez

As we continue to thread the Hispanic-American Pentecostal narrative, is the Latino church negotiating a historical juxtaposition between preserving its culture and building His kingdom?

Multiethnic Church Plants Difficult, But Necessary

By John W. Kennedy

How courage, patience, resilience, compassion, and passion for souls enabled six pastors to plant multiracial congregations.

From the General Superintendent

Ask the Superintendent

"The Joy of Diversity in the Body of Christ" - A long-time advocate for racial and ethnic diversity, Superintendent Thomas Trask visits with Enrichment journal Executive Editor Gary Allen about the positive trends taking place in the Assemblies of God.

A Chat With Pastors

Defining Truths of the Assemblies of God: Salvation



Ministry Matters:

Gary R. Allen

In Closing

By Zollie Smith, Jr.


Column Articles

The Greatest Challenges Of Pastoral Care

Love and Acceptance or Rejection and Condemnation: Our Response to the Post-Abortive Man or Woman

By Sheila Harper

Ministry And Medical Ethics

Biology and Human Behavior: Do Genes Determine Destiny?

Video: View or Download

By Christina M.H. Powell

Theological Enrichment

Cessation of the Miraculous? - The Age of the Apostles From Biblical, Extra-biblical, Theological, and Logical Perspectives

By W.E. Nunnally

Real Life Preaching

Pop the Red Pill

By Mark Batterson

History Is His Story

Athanasius and Nicea

By William P. Farley

Pastors' Wives Q&A

I Have Trouble Saying No!

By Gabriele Rienas

Reaching The Secular University

What If Jesus Were Black?

By Rusty Wright


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