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Spring 2007

Current Theme

Ministry Roadmap: Navigating the Journey of Your Call (Part 2)

Just as a roadmap helps us know where we are and how to get where we are going, a ministry roadmap helps us identify where we are in our present ministry and describe the path we want to take to attain our ministry goals.

In part 2 of the Ministry Roadmap, we describe the last three phases to provide reference points for navigating the journey of your call.


Theme Articles

Phase 4: Maturation— Years 6–14

Maintaining Your Marriage for Lifelong Ministry

By Wayde I. Goodall. Steps a pastor and his wife can take to counteract the stress of ministry on their marriage.

The Hide of a Rhinoceros: Making the Case for the Long-Term Pastorate

By Richard L. Dresselhaus. Learn what it takes to become an effective pastor over the long haul.

Taking a Break Instead of Breaking Up — The Energizing Break for a Lifetime of Ministry

By Kevin Milcarek. Need a break? Consider the benefits of a sabbatical for you and your church.

See also: The Seminary — Enhancing the Minister's Professional Skills [View Video] or [Download Video].

The Ascent of a Leader — Transitioning From Staff Pastor to Senior Pastor

By Rod Loy. Read how one pastor met the challenges of moving from the second chair to the top chair. "I have learned some valuable lessons about the transition from staff member to senior pastor....Over the last 5 years, through much trial and error, I have discovered the response to each challenge."

Support Team or Second Fiddle? — A Staff Pastor for Life?

By Ron Markese. A recipe for becoming a successful staff pastor.

It’s Time To Let Go of Aloofness

By Paul Walterman

If pastors are going to make it in ministry, they need someone to encourage them along the way.

Net Worth Principle: Building Wealth Without Budgeting

By Paul Ebisch. How much are you worth? Learn the importance of your net worth to your financial health.

Phase 5. Continuation — Years 15 to Retirement

Finishing Strong/Ending Well: Leaving Congregational Ministry at the Top of Your Game

By Roy M. Oswald. Here is what it takes to leave your church in the best shape possible.

When God Forgets: The Good News, the Bad News

By Deborah M. Gill. Mistakes in ministry can seem devastating. But all is not lost. You can recover and finish strong.

When It’s Time To Leave: Strategy for Experiencing Healthy and Positive Departure

By Richard L. Dresselhaus. Read how one successful pastor made the important decision to retire from his church.

Watching Out For the Curve Balls

By AG Financial. As you enter the last innings of ministry, make sure you don’t strike out financially.

Wedged Between Two Generations: Surviving Life and Ministry in the Middle (One Family’s Story)

By Mary Lee Canfield. Learn how to survive when you are sandwiched between your children, parents, and ministry.

Phase 6. Celebration—Retirement

Healthy Pastoral Transitions Equal Healthy Churches for the Future

By David Bittinger. Retired pastors can have viable ministry as they guide churches through the waters of pastoral transition.

Surviving the Loss of a Spouse

By Richard D. Dobbins. Practical advice in walking through one of life’s toughest times.

Celebration (The Rest of Your Life)

Here are some financial tips that will help make your retirement more enjoyable.

From the General Superintendent

Ask the Superintendent

"Growing Strong and Finishing Well" - General Superintendent Thomas E. Trask provides practical pastoral advice for this vital phase of ministry.

A Chat With Pastors

Defining Truths of the Assemblies of God: Salvation



Ministry Matters:

Gary R. Allen

In Closing

George O. Wood


Column Articles

Greatest Challenges Of Pastoral Care

A Pastoral Counseling Approach for Those With Chronic Illness and Pain. By Douglas Wiegand. Of the countless needs brought to a pastor by church members, few are as complex and difficult to address as those of chronic illness and pain.

Marriage Matters

Wake Me Up for the Miracles. By Tricia Cunningham

Managing Your Ministry

Averting An IT Disaster. By Gary R. Messmer.

Ministry And Medical Ethics

Conventional, Complementary, and Alternative Approaches to Healing. By Christina M.H. Powell. Also, see the video [View] or [Download].

Q&A For The Pastor’s Wife

How To Cope When Your Husband Is Working Long Hours. By Gabriele Rienas

Clergy, Church & Law

Sound Advice: Is Your Worship Too Loud? By Richard R. Hammar

History Is His Story

Dwight L. Moody and 19th-Century Mass Evangelism. By William P. Farley. Moody did have a theology, but he kept it simple. He summarized it using the three Rs: Ruined by sin, Redeemed by the blood, and Regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

Reaching Secular Universities

Christ in the Classroom. By Rusty Wright

Real Life Reaching

Expositional & Team Preaching. Interview with John Lindell and Chris Lewis (Part 2)


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