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Winter 2007

Ministry Roadmap:

Navigating the Journey of Your Call (Part 1)

Theme Articles

Ministry Roadmap Chart

Choice of Formats: [PDF] [Word Document]

Phase 1: Formation—The Call

Character Development:
Preparing The Next Generation For Ministry

By Mike Rakes. Pastors and youth pastors have the opportunity and responsibility to initiate character development in the almost-ready leader.

Mentoring The Next Generation —
One District’s Model For Discipling Teens Who Have Been Called Into Ministry

By Rod Whitlock. Coming alongside future pastors provides dividends in encouraging and strengthening their call.

Called To Ministry: What’s Sex Got To Do With It?

By Cheryl Taylor. How can future ministers resist the temptation to sexual involvement before marriage?

Money and Ministry: Finding Financial Favor from the Lord

By Kregg Hood. Avoiding the trap of financial debt early in life is an important step in preparing for ministry.

Phase 2: Preparation — Education

Lifelong Learning: Developing Excellence And Finishing Strong

By Byron D. Klaus. Learning must never stop for the Pentecostal minister who desires a cutting-edge ministry. Video from Byron Klaus [Streaming] [Download].

Educational Section

The Bible College — Developing Character And Building Theologically Sound Ministers

By Gary A. Denbow

The University — Providing Diversity In Ministry Training

By Robert H. Spence

Training For Ministry — In The Ministry

By Dilla Dawson

A Generation Equipped To Influence Its Culture

By Jeremy DeWeerdt

[View Video] [Download Video]

Role Of Urban Training Centers In Ministry Training

By Jim Hall

Finding Your Mate For Ministry

By Richard D. Dobbins. One of the foremost pastoral counselors offers practical advice for making one of the most important decisions in life.

Your Greatest Investment: You

By Paul Ebisch. Don’t underestimate the financial value of investing in a quality ministry education.

Phase 3: Implementation—First 5 Years Of Ministry

Spiritual Formation: A Life-Long Journey

By Edgar R. Lee. Spiritual formation is the most important task of the Spirit-filled pastor.

Nurturing The Call — A Lifelong Responsibility

By Michael B. Ross. A call to ministry is more than a peak experience. It is a call to holy living and practical ministry.

Antidotes For The Toxins In Spiritual Leadership That Destroy Authentic Ministry

By James Bradford. Ministry must never become a performance. Effective ministry can only come from a deep hunger for God.

Surviving The First 5 Years Of Ministry

By Michael and Kerry Clarensau. Making wise choices in this important phase lays a solid foundation for future ministry.

The First Decade Of Ministry

By Keith Drury. How you traverse the first decade will determine the effectiveness of your ministry in your later years.

The Small Church Ministry: A Sprint Or A Marathon

By Glenn Daman. Success in small-church ministry takes place over the long haul.

Getting Your Finances On Track

By Kregg Hood. Managing finances in the early part of ministry lays a secure foundation for the future.


From the General Superintendent

Ask the Superintendent

The Formative Years of Ministry

General Superintendent Thomas E. Trask, a pastor to pastors, shares from his heart as he reflects on what it means to be called into ministry.



Ministry Matters:

Gary R. Allen

In Closing

By H. Robert Rhoden


Column Articles

The Greatest Challenges Of Pastoral Care

Marital Conflict and Divorce. By Mark R. Laaser

Family Matters

Hanging Between Heaven and Help. By Judi Braddy

History Is His Story

Charles Haddon Spurgeon: The Greatest Victorian Preacher

By William P. Farley

Ministry And Medical Ethics

Preparing to Cross the Finish Line: End of Life Decisions

By Christina M.H. Powell

Read article, View Video or Download Video.

Q&A For The Pastor’s Wife

Women’s Ministry Leader

By Gabriele Rienas

Reaching Secular Universities

Fruit That Remains

By Rusty Wright

Real Life Preaching (Part 1)

Expositional Preaching

Interview with John Lindell and Chris Lewis


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