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Fall 2006

Student Ministries: Strategies for Leading Today’s Youth

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The Generation Exchange

By Bryan Jarrett. A titanic distrust between the generations has placed the future of the Pentecostal church in a vulnerable state. Consider this timeless challenge to both generations. View Bryan Jarrett's message from the 51st General Council in Denver, Colorado (August 5, 2005).

The Mosaic Generation: The Mystifying New World Of Youth Culture

By Dave Kinnaman. How can youth workers and pastors retool their discipleship efforts with teenagers — especially in a dynamic, hard-to-pin-down generation? Here are insights into some aspects of this complex new world of youth culture.

Today’s Youth Need Our Help To Go … Beyond Belief

By Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler. What you need to know to help youth stand strong in the face of today’s culture. View Josh's Youth at Risk PowerPoint presentation.

Life In The Youth Hall: Perspectives In Youth Ministry

Interview with Sammy Baez, Jim and Linda Keers, Jeanne Mayo, Bruce Riddle, Elizabeth Covington-Taylor, and Betty Zaldivar. Long-time youth leaders talk about what life is like behind the youth hall doors and what it takes to stick it out for the long haul.

Are You Relevant Or Just Recent?

By Brett Allen. Is your youth ministry following the trends set by MTV and Hollywood? Adherence to such trends will ensure that your program is recent, but never relevant.

Healthy Youth Ministry: Building Blocks To Long-Term Success

By Kevin Berry. Would you like to build a healthy youth ministry that will last? Would you like to reap the rewards that come from having long-term success in youth ministry? Consider these powerful building blocks that can keep you in the race and give your ministry the boost you are looking for. Video from Kevin Berry [Stream] [Download]

The Power Of Team Leadership

By Scotty Gibbons. Embracing leadership as a team builder will lighten a youth pastor’s load and increase his effectiveness while having much more fun in the process. Here are some practical thoughts to help you transition toward team leadership in student ministry. Video from Scotty Gibbons [Stream] [Download]

Rural Youth Ministry: The Power Of Networking

By Timothy Eldrid. Networking with other churches can have great extrinsic value, but God has already blessed each church with people who possess the true assets needed for making young disciples in their congregations.

Youth Ministry With A 20/15 Vision

By Jay Mooney. The ultimate challenge in every generation of the church is to win the lost and make disciples. While every culture has its obstacles, the imperative remains the same: to win, build, and send students to fulfill the Great Commission.

Avoiding The Black Hole: Making Youth Lifetime Followers Of Jesus Christ

By Rod Whitlock. Many students attending youth ministries are living dangerously close to a black hole. Once they graduate, many are sucked into this dark world. Your commitment to discipleship will help teens avoid the black holes of life and become lifelong followers of Christ.

Battle Plan For A Lost Generation

By Rick Lorimer. The campus has become the crucial battleground for the church’s future success. Here is a battle plan you can embrace that will mobilize your resources and train your students for a spiritual campaign to reach the lost.

Ministering To Hurting And At-Risk Teens

By T. Suzanne Eller. Questions emerge as youth pastors battle to impact hurting teens. Are tools available to help with spiritual and emotional roadblocks? What boundaries must be drawn when ministering to hurting or at-risk teens? Here are insights to help you reach out to at-risk youth.

Youth Ministry Resource List


From the General Superintendent

Ask the Superintendent

Impacting This Generation For Christ

This great Pentecostal leader believes the church of tomorrow is in good hands. Here he offers keen insights and wise counsel on youth ministries.

Youth Ministry Web Extras

Youth Workers Over 30: Effective or Obsolete?

By Danette Matty. A spectrum of 30- and 40-something youth ministers describe the joys and challenges of continuing in a field often relegated to “junior staff” status.

Beyond Preaching: The Necessity Of Mentoring Staff

By David Raley. The greatest need of youth pastors is for their senior pastor to speak into their lives. They need an older peer to mentor them in ministry.

Youth Surveys

Substance Use and Risky Sexual Behavior: Attitudes and Practices Among Adolescents and Young Adults (PDF)

Teens and young adults face many pressures and decisions involving alcohol, drugs, and sexual activity — decisions that often occur simultaneously. This detailed summary of findings based on the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Youth Knowledge and Attitudes on Sexual Health: A National Survey of Adolescents and Young Adults that includes interviews with 998 teens (ages 15 to 17) and young adults (ages 18 to 24) provides insight into youth’s attitudes toward and experiences with substance use and sexual activity.

National Survey of Adolescents and Young Adults: Sexual Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Experiences (PDF)

Youth pastors can use this survey as a comprehensive national index of what young people know about sex and decisions they are making about important sexual health issues so they can effectively address the needs and concerns of a generation at risk.

NBC/People: National Survey of Young Teens Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors (PDF)

This poll conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International provides the questions and statistics on both parents and teens concerning teen sexual attitudes and behaviors.

U.S. Teen Sexual Activity (PDF)

Over the last decade, the percentage of all high school students (9-12th grade) who report ever having had sexual intercourse has declined. At the same time, among teens who are sexually active, rates of contraceptive use – including condom use — have increased. Yet, despite these trends, 34 percent of young women become pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20 — about 820,000 a year,1 and approximately 4 million teens contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) each year.2

The results of this survey can provide the basis for developing an abstinence-based sex education program in the church.

Sexual Attitudes and Behavior of Young Adolescents (PDF)

There is reason to be concerned about adolescents having sex at an early age. Early sexual activity has been linked to a greater number of sexual partners over time and an increased risk of both teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The information in this fact sheet, collected from nationally representative data sets and public opinion surveys, provides insights into the sexual attitudes and behavior of young adolescents.

Sex Education in America (PDF)

The debate over whether to have sex education in American schools is over. A new poll by NPR, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government finds that only 7% of Americans say sex education should not be taught in schools. However, this does not mean that all Americans agree on what kind of sex education is best. There are major differences over the issue of abstinence. This survey explores the various beliefs about what needs to be included in sex education.


Ministry Matters:

By Gary R. Allen

In Closing

By Tom Green


Ministry And Medical Ethics

Gene Testing: Helpful Knowledge or Harmful Information? By Christina M.H. Powell

Discipleship Dynamics

Called Alongside: The Paraclete’s Roles in Discipleship. By Deborah M. Gill

History Is His Story

J.C. Ryle: A Nineteenth Century Evangelical. By William P. Farley

Reaching The Secular University

Seekers and Skeptics at Your Door. By Rusty Wright

The Greatest Challenges Of Pastoral Care

Pastoral Issues Surrounding Suicide. By Richard D. Dobbins

Family Life

Battle Plan. By Judi Braddy

Financial Concepts

When Money Woes Get You Down. By Kregg Hood


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