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Summer 2006

From Coping To Conquering

Biblical And Practical Advice For Dealing With Depression

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Depressed, Stressed, And Burned Out: What’s Going On In My Life?

By Archibald D. Hart. One of the leading experts on stress, depression, and burnout gives insight into the nature of this compassion fatigue and how a pastor can turn this traumatic and life-threatening experience into discovering what God wants to do in his life.

Hitting The Wall — One Pastor’s Journey With Depression And His Road To Recovery

By Dave Argue. What happens when depression grips a pastor? Read this candid account of one pastor’s journey into deep depression and how he learned to expend his energy wisely in the marathon of ministry.

Interview with Wayde I. Goodall and E. Glenn Wagner

Coming Out Of The Dark: Two Pastors’ Journey Out Of Depression

Longevity and success in ministry does not guarantee that pastors will not suffer from clinical depression. Two successful pastors share their journey and how, with the help of family and medical professionals, they came out of the dark and survived.

Interview with Rosalyn Goodall and Susan L. Wagner

Coming Out Of The Dark: Two Pastors’ Wives Share In Their Husbands’ Journey Out Of Depression

A pastor does not experience clinical depression alone; it also affects his family. Two ministry wives share their thoughts and experiences as they walked alongside their husbands and their battles with depression.

Crossing A Deep River — Biblical And Practical Advice For Dealing With Depression

By George O. Wood. Pentecostal pastors do not often talk about depression because it seems contrary to life in the Sprit. But what does the Bible say about depression? Here is a biblical perspective and an experiential outlook from one who has crossed this deep river.

From Coping To Conquering: A Christian Psychiatrist’s View Of The Relationship Between Physical Health And Depression, Stress, And Burnout

By Richard H. Steip, M.D.. Depression may be rooted in the physical rather than the spiritual or emotional. But once the physical cause has been ruled out, counseling and medication can help a pastor go from coping to conquering.

The Pastor’s Wife: Beating The Ministry Blahs

By Gabrielle Rienas. Whether she has a personal call to ministry or not, the minister’s wife is called to support her husband. But what should she do when the expectations of ministry seem overwhelming and her husband isn’t coping? Find out how to navigate the storms of ministry and bring healing and hope to the parsonage.

When Shepherds Flee: Confronting The Stress Wolves In The Smaller Church

By Glenn Daman. For the smaller church to be healthy and effective, the pastor needs to learn how to recognize the unique causes of stress and manage them effectively.

Coping With The Kingdom Of Stress

By H. Robert Rhoden. What is it about ministry that creates stress? While pastors may not be able to avoid the causes of stress, they can learn how to cope.

Recovering From Ministry Meltdown

By Larry E. Hazelbaker. What does a pastor do when the physical, psychological, and spiritual resources needed to fuel his ministry are gone? Here are eight suggestions for recovery.

From The Transcendent To The Trivial: Stress-Coping Strategies For Today’s Hispanic Pastor

By Pablo Polischuk. The heterogeneous aspect of the Hispanic culture provides a multitude of stressors pastors in the American church may not face. Read these practical measures Hispanic pastors can use to avoid capitulation to stress and burnout, and to ward off depression and anxiety.

Ask The Superintendent

Handling the Pressures of Ministry

General Superintendent Thomas E. Trask, a pastor to pastors, provides advice to help pastors find balance in ministry, along with encouragement, wisdom, and hope for pastors who are dealing with the dark clouds of depression.

Online Extras

Crossing a Deep River — Biblical and Practical Advice for Dealing With Depression

By George O. Wood

General Council of the Assemblies of God

Sabbatical Consideration for Pastors and District Leaders

Preacher, Don’t Quit!

By Thomas Lindberg


Ministry Matters:

By Gary R. Allen

In Closing

By Richard L. Schoonover


Counselors Corner

Pastors: Called into Crisis. By James Berkley

History Is His Story

Francis Asbury: Spartan Apostle of Early America

By Bill Farley

Family Life

Prodigal in the Parsonage

By Judi Braddy

Leaders Edge

Sufficient as Ministers

By Stephen Green

Personal Growth

Broken in All the Right Places

By Gaylord Lemke

Financial Concepts

Experiencing Revival Through Stewardship

By Kregg Hood

Ministry And Medical Ethics

Experiencing Bioethics in Everyday Ministry

By Christina Powell

Video from Christina Powell [View] [Download]

Discipleship Dynamics

Experiment With Life Coaching: The “Wheel Of Life” and Personal Discipleship. By Deborah Gill

Reaching The Secular University

Creative Party Crashing

By Rusty Wright


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