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Spring 2006

The Azusa Street Revival: 100 Years of Pentecostal Power and Passion

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Ask The Superintendent

Interview with Thomas E. Trask

The Azusa Street Revival: Celebrating The Past, Anticipating The Future

God will continue to have a Spirit-filled people and a Spirit-filled church. The question is: do we want to be that church? Hear the heart of this great Pentecostal leader as he reflects on where we have been, where we are, and where we need to be.

“Signs” And The Azusa Revival

By Daniel Woods

Multiple signs in the years prior to 1906 pointed to the nearness of a monumental outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Were these signs another prelude to the final move of God, or was this just its beginning?

Azusa Street: 100 Years Later

By Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.

In the past 100 years, little new and useful material has been referenced regarding the Azusa Street Revival. As a result, our knowledge of the depth and impact of the revival has been limited — that is until now.

William J. Seymour: Peril And Possibilities For A New Era

By Leonard Lovett

What can today’s church leaders learn from the life and legacy of William Joseph Seymour, one of the most significant progenitors of modern Pentecostalism?

The Gracious Theology Of William J. Seymour And The Azusa Street Mission

By Douglas Jacobsen

Azusa’s theology was neither particularly speculative nor was it especially informed by the longer history of the church. Rather, the theological reflection of W. J. Seymour became necessary, whether it was desired or not.

God Makes No Differences In Nationality: The Fashioning Of A New Racial/Nonracial Identity At The Azusa Street Revival

By David D. Daniels, III

Within the racial context of its era, the Azusa Street revival broke with the dominant racial arrangement. Within the world of the color line or a world fractured by the color line, a new racial identity was fashioned.

A Portrait Of How The Azusa Doctrine Of Spirit Baptism Shaped American Pentecostalism

By Harold D. Hunter

How has the teaching of initial evidence Spirit baptism spread by the Azusa Street revival changed North American Christianity?

Portrait Of A Generation: Azusa Street Comes To Chicago

By Edith Blumhofer

A portrait of Chicago’s early Pentecostals reminds one that Azusa Street’s impact on ordinary people who never visited Los Angeles was at least as important as its influence on those who did.

“Laying A Straw In Her Way”; Women In Pentecostalism

By Susie Stanley

Trace the theology that guided early Pentecostals in the expansion or restriction of the use of women’s gifts in various avenues of ministry.

“The Holy Ghost Is Here On Earth”; The Latino Contributions To The Azusa Street Revival

By Gaston Espinósa

Latino involvement in the Azusa Street revival has long been overshadowed by an emphasis on the black and white origins of the revival — until now.

This Pentecostal River: Azusa, The Originating Effluence

By George O. Wood

What made Azusa such a powerful revival? What can we learn from it? How should the outflow from Azusa affect this generation at the onset of the 21st century?

The Lasting Legacies Of The Azusa Street Revival

By Vinson Synan

The worldwide Pentecostal movement is the recipient of many lasting, influential, and far-reaching legacies of the Azusa Street Revival.

Charismatic Renewal On The Church History Imax

By Gary B. McGee

A brief projection of the history of the charismatic renewal on the giant IMAX screen of church history will help determine its significance and that of other renewal/revival movements in the long pilgrimage of the people of God.

To All Points Of The Compass: The Azusa Street Revival And Gobal Pentecostalism

By Allan Anderson

The unprecedented influence of early 20th-century revival movements lead early Pentecostals to see the world as their parish, the space into which they were to expand.

Azusa Street Eyewitness Accounts

Read additional eyewitness accounts of the Azusa Street Revival. Also included is a rare, unpublished interview with Arthur G. Osterburg and his reflections on the revival that shook the world.


Ministry Matters

By Gary R. Allen

In Closing

By Wayne Warner


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